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Eco-volunteering projects overseas


The eco-volunteering projects proposed by the International Voluntary Service are not to be confused with eco-tourism. This is not green tourism but foremost international volunteer projects focusing on environmental protection directly in the field. All our projects are designed by local associations and managed by local volunteers.

Thanks to the help of local volunteers and our international volunteers in the field, the volunteers help carry out programs of research, education, conservation or protection of biodiversity and natural heritage.

The eco-volunteers are people without special skills, motivated and involved in environmental issues. If it is not necessary to have any scientific training courses, you must be willing to learn, to participate in very physical work and really to be interested in this type of volunteerism.

The projects implemented by our partners are very diverse: protection of sea turtles in Mexico, cleaning a river in southern France, raising awareness among tourists in Halong Bay in Vietnam, draft horse project in Japan, promoting and maintaining bike paths in Iceland, clearing a nature reserve in Czechia, lending a hand to employees of a nature reserve in Kenya, protection of wild animals in Brazil, creating an organic garden in Italy, building straw houses in Belgium, working on an organic farm in Norway, ...

The eco-volunteer projects are open to all volunteers. Before you register, be aware that living conditions on site are often quite rudimentary comfort on this type of project (camping or collective housing).

The list of eco-volunteering is available via our search engine. The eco-volunteer projects are classified under the type of work "ZOOL" (animals), "AGRI (Agriculture) or" envy "(nature).
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