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Projet en urgence

Posted on 2014-04-18 15:52:09 Speak Reader sur SVI

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Note : Les positions des projets ne sont données qu'à titre indicatif, et peuvent ne pas correspondre à l'endroit exact où se déroulera le projet

Critères de recherche :
Date de début : 05/01/2018
Date de fin : 15/02/2018
Type de projet : urgent

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45 projets trouvés.

Drapeau de INDONESIA

Référence : IIWC1803
Type : KIDS (Avec des enfants), EDU (éducation)
Travail : The main activities in Semarang Street Children Camp will deal with manual activities of teaching and playing with children such as making handicraft, necklace, or small something easy to get and possibly arts or music as well as collaborating with local people like sharing the culture. As a part of this project, school visit and university visit, we will visit some schools/university to campaign the street children project and cultural exchange. These activities really need strong motivation and physic. The detailed activities are broken down into the tentative schedule which will be sent together with welcoming email from the work camp leaders directly.

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Drapeau de VIETNAM

Référence : SJV1711
Type : CULT (culturel)
Travail : Vietnamese Lunar New Year, more commonly known by its shortened name Tt, is the most important and traditional holiday and festival in Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year derived from the Chinese New Year based on the Lunar calendar, alunisolar calendar. The name Tt Nguyên n is Sino-Vietnamese for Feast of the First Morning, derived from the Kanji characterse...f--.

Tt takes place from the first day of the first month of the Lunar calendar (around late January or early February) until at least the third day. Many Vietnamese prepare for Tt by cooking special holiday foods and decorating their houses. There are a lot of customs practiced during Tt, like visiting a person's house on the first day of the new year, ancestral worshipping, wishing New Year's greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people, and opening a shop.

Tt is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. During Tt, Vietnamese visit their relatives and temples, forgetting about the troubles of the past year and hoping for a better upcoming year. They consider Tt to be the first day of spring and the festival is often called H(TM)i xuân (spring festival).

InVietnam, to celebrate Tt is to 'fn Tt', literally meaning "Tt eating", showing the importance of food in its celebration. Some of the prepared foods are eaten year-round, while others are unique to the festival and only eaten during Tt. Also, some of the food is prepared vegetarian as it is believed to be good luck to eat vegetarian on Tt. Some traditional food on Tt are:
'Bnh chng' (Chungcake) and 'bnh dầy': essentially tightly packed sticky rice with meat or bean filling swrapped in banana leaves. Bnh chng (rectangular) and bnh giầy (circular) are symbolically connected with Tt and are essential in any Tt celebration. Preparation is time-consuming, and can take days to cook. The story of their origins and their connection with Tt is often recounted to children while cooking them overnight.

Spring festival Chung cakes


Making Chung cake and give it to poor children/families.
Organizing event (music, games) for children.

Aims for this project are:
* To create a chance for disadvantaged children to participate in the Tet holiday festival by making Chung cakes.
* To provide an opportunity for international volunteers to experience Vietnamese culture.
* To expose the children to different cultures and people from around the world by working within ternational volunteers
* To promote friendship between local people and international volunteers during workcamp (share experiences, skills, things in life etc).

Work description
Local and international volunteers will work together every day during the week in SJ Vietnam's Volunteer centre to make Chungcakes and prepare a special performance for the children at the Center.

Tentative schedule
Working time start at 8:30 am
Lunch time from 11:30 am to 13:30 pm.
Working time in the afternoon from 13:30 pm to 17:00 pm
Usually you have to get up before 8:00 am. Please ensure you are up and ready to get to work on time!

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Drapeau de UGANDA

Référence : UPA/011/18
Type : CONS (Construction), SOCI (Social)
Travail : Digging up foundations for the new structures
Brick setting/ laying
Mixing sand
Fetching water
Digging foundations
Plastering of the existing structures
Setting up a rain harvest tanker platform
Preparing and participating in a local football match
Conducting community outreaches
Holding meetings with the local leaders
Visiting youth and women groups
Painting of buildings

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Drapeau de MEXICO

Référence : VIVE17.18.02
Type : ENVI (Environnement)
Travail : The working hours are in the night from 20:00 to 8:00, four days per week, this depends on the number of turtles that come ashore, two teams will be split allowing each group to have a day of work, a day off for recovery and two days off in weekends. Some of the activities to be performed are:
1. To find adult turtles and collect their eggs.
2. To move the eggs to a protected place called Vivero.
3. To release newborn baby turtles into the sea.
4. To patrol the beaches at night.
5. To make some reconstruction in the most important turtle camps from the region.
If you love nature, want to have a great time in beautiful beaches near the village, with all the amenities of a hotel and witness the magic spectacle of nature happenings since millions of years... then this project is for you!
By participating in this project, you will acquire the global skills of Adaptability, Global Awareness, Strategic Thinking and Collaborative Planning, after the participation in the project volunteers will receive an official letter certifying these skills.

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Drapeau de INDONESIA

Référence : DJ-1711
Type : ANI (avec des animaux)
Travail : Volunteer will help local mahout (a person who takes care and train an elephant) daily to take care the elephant starting from bathing/showering, feeding, health checking and grassing the elephant. One local mahout will be accompanied by one volunteer in doing his daily job.

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Drapeau de INDONESIA

Référence : DJ-1712
Type : RENO (Restauration), EDU (éducation), CULT (culturel)
Travail : The volunteers will assist to help teachers to teach students simple basic English and introduce some English kids songs. The volunteers will also do simple renovation to the school such as making bookshelf for a library and painting the classroom. They will also involve in other activities like cultural exchange and playing with the kids after the school hour in several extracurricular such as sport, art, scout, music and traditional dance.
On the day 9th to 11th the volunteers will have special cultural activities in Denpasar and cultural attraction in Bali. They will learn and practice local tradition or custom and doing activity to support local people to protect and conserve the local culture.

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Drapeau de ICELAND

Référence : WF01
Type : ENVI (Environnement), MANU (travail manuel)
Travail : The Natural Health Association has a horticultural and environmental department, including forestry, gardening, and greenhouses, which is where Worldwide Friends volunteers work most of the time. Volunteers will help with growing the tomatoes, cucumbers and making tea made of Icelandic herbs and also do some environmental work around the property.
The nature of the work depends largely on weather conditions, which can change quickly. Volunteers should bring clothes appropriate for outdoor work, but also clothes for working inside the warm greenhouses. Working hours are usually from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and volunteers will have a one-hour lunch break.

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Drapeau de ESTONIA

Référence : EST 01
Type : FEST (festival)
Travail : You will be doing some tasks for the Pirita Convent, as well as Viking's village , both of whom are supporting our event and work camp. The event area is big, and there is a lot of preparation work to be done. You need to be creative, quick on your feet and able to find solutions on the spot. You will be involved in preparing the technical side of the event but also communicating with people, so expect anything from decorating the area, carrying the necessary equipment to the area to meeting and welcoming guests, showing directions and so on.

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Référence : SJB/A4
Type : KIDS (Avec des enfants)
Travail : Présentation: Un chantier regroupe environ 5 à 10 volontaires de diverses nationalités durant deux à quatre semaines. La vie du groupe est auto-organisée par une prise en charge collective de la vie quotidienne.

Les chantiers constituent pour les volontaires venus de tous les continents, une occasion unique d'échanges et de partages : La rencontre de différentes cultures.
3. Nationalités sur les Chantiers

Tous les chantiers organisés sont "internationaux" : toute personne de quelque pays que ce soit peut participer à ne(TM)importe quel chantier.
4. Langues Parlées sur les Chantiers

Les langues pratiquées sont le Français et l'anglais.

TRAVAIL : Pendant l'année scolaire, une mission éducation au primaire ou secondaire consiste à intervenir en renfort pour soutenir les maitres en donnant des cours de soutien scolaire sur des disciplines précises en fonction des besoins relevés par les enseignants selon les compétences des bénévoles.
En été vous allez donner des cours de soutien en : de français, de langues vivantes, ou de sciences. Il se(TM)agira également d'organiser des activités de sensibilisation sur les thèmes de la santé, de le(TM)éducation et de le(TM)environnement.

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Drapeau de INDIA

Référence : RC-01/18
Type : SOCI (Social)
Travail : This projects aims to empower women by helping them to gain confidence, recognize and demand their rights and most importantly start being an earning member of family. The volunteer is expected to better understand the role a typical women has in our society. They will also be attending meetings of Self-help Groups (SHGs) and interact with women to better understand their plight assist them to be economically independent.

Additional activities will include learning of various developmental issues and solutions. They will visit various humanitarian projects and interact with the villagers.

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