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Lieu (ville, pays, région)


Type du travail

ENVI (Environnement), SOCI (Social), MANU (travail manuel), ANI (avec des animaux)


4M - 4F

Age Minimum Requis




Frais supplémentaires

Informations suplémentaires

it's a project without any participation fees but it's necessary to bring poket money (30/Week)

Informations sur le partenaire

Stathis and Amanda are both in their early 50tys. Stathis is from Skyros and Amanda from the UK . They usually have two to three volunteers at the farm at all times, the volunteers become very much a part of the life of the project. They set up the project in 2006 with 4 Skyrian horses and now have 38 Skyrian horses and 2 non Skyrian horses that they look after. There are only 250 of this breed in the world and therefore extremely rare and the project is playing a key role in their survival and welfare. They have ponies ranging in age from 3 months olds to 29 years old. The family host approximately 20 volunteers a year (some for 4 weeks others for 3 to 12 months or more) and have been doing so since 2009 and they have volunteers that return yearly.

Description du travail

If you are genuinely interested in helping to look after these amazing ponies, which is always interesting, but can sometimes be challenging then please volunteer with this project. If you are looking to really, help a project with animals and understand that commitment of care that this needs, then this project is the right place for you.
The hours are approximately 5 to 6 hours a day depending on how many volunteers are there at the time. They make sure you get 1 to 1.5 day off a week. Most of the work at the farm is caring for the ponies as best as they can in the context of a small island with limited supplies of anything equestrian. The work is focusing on the ponies, every day, their fields pooh picked/ mucked out, watered and fed (Morning, midday and evening)
If you don't like the idea of mucking out horse fields for 1.5 hour in the morning , 30 minutes mid-day and an hour in the evening then you won't want to volunteer with this project.
The other hours of the day are then focused on either working with the ponies ( if weather permits) or around the farm generally sweeping yards, mending, fencing, painting , gardening, weeding, watering trees, maintenance...

Logement et nourriture

Please note the farm and accommodation is basic and not modern at all. The volunteers room is a shared room with proper beds, sheets etc. It has its own shower (hot water), toilet, and old wood burning stove. The food is simple but good with fresh produce. They cook one hot meal a day and there are always breakfast and sandwich stuff available bread, cheese slices, muesli, porridge, milk, etc.

Informations sur la localité

The farm is 16km away from the main hill top village, which is extremely attractive, in the tourist season there is a tavern in walking distance, and we have regular local visitors. The farm is set in a beautiful, but quite isolated rural area and very traditional as is the island. The nearest beach is 10 minutes' walk from the farm and other lovely beaches half-hour bike ride away and they have bicycles you can use.

Les coordonnées géographiques approximatives :

latitude 38.8162965, longitude 24.5955356

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