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Projet de volontariat au Botwsana


Botswana Workcamps Association (BWA) is a non-governmental, non-profit making youth
voluntary organization, started in 1979 in Mochudi and was registered with the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs in April 1980 under societies act. It is also known as “Lekgotla La Baithaopi” in our Setswana, which means a voluntary organization.
Its first president was Chief Linchwe II of the Bakgatla Nation in Botswana & South Africa, who
was responsible for publicizing organizational events and other meetings that generated
awareness about BWA.



Its Headquarters are based in Boseja North Ward, Mochudi, Botswana.
BWA is a member of the Southern Africa Work camps Cooperation (SAWC) and affiliated to
Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), founded in 1948 to assist and promote work-camps throughout the world.

Note: Botswana is the safest country with the best democracy record in Africa. The country had
never experienced any civil or political war since its occupation by people originating
mostly from South Arica. Botswana has one of the best economic images in the world
boasted by stable currency-Pula.


The International volunteer projects that BWA offers, brings together individuals from around the world for 2 weeks work camps. Participants work together as an international team on different kinds of projects, including:

Environmental: Tree planting, improving nature trails in parks, recycling, refuse removal, soil
erosion prevention and maintenance of footpaths.
Construction: public toilets, classrooms, community halls, irrigation channels, clinics, paving and brick molding

Renovation: historical monuments, archaeological sites, cultural centers, community canters, old bridges and any other related work

Social Work: with/for children, refugees, people with disabilities, women groups and play schemes for children in difficult circumstances

Others: solidarity camps, cultural camps and debushing (cutting of trees)

Billets d'avions pour les volontaires du SVI

Le SVI a négocié avec plusieurs agences de voyages des prix spéciaux pour ses volontaires !
Pour plus d'info : Cliquez ICI (Il n'y a bien sur strictement aucune obligation d'achat.Si vous trouvez moins cher ailleurs: allez-y, foncez !)

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SVI asbl, est une association de jeunesse sans but lucratif belge active principalement dans le domaine des chantiers internationaux pour jeunes et la lutte contre le volontourisme.Le SVI est la branche indépendante de SJ Vietnam

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