Coordinatrice Projets Langues

Numéro d'extension - 3015

Milana, 43 years old, coordinator of outgoing and of educational linguistic programmes.

Milana started to work in the international voluntary exchanges in 2003 as a staff member of the Russian international voluntary service organisation ‘Passage-Zebra’. Having more than 16 years of experience in the international voluntary world of exchanges, Milana was hosting and sending volunteers, accompanying them on the stages of pre-departure, during the volunteering and after the volunteering, developing local and international projects. She was organising international voluntary camps, hosting and sending EVS volunteers and creating team leader trainings for doesens of international volunteers. She has been on staff of SVI since January 2020, responsible for partnerships in Asia and Africa and Central America. Milana speaks Russian (native), French, English, German and Spanish.