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Friday list 12/10/2018

Winter is coming for the volunteers

Winter in coming in Belgium and France.
The weather lost already several celsius degrees.
So, in ordrer to prevent any injuries to the volunteers from the cold weather,
make sure that they will bring warm clothes from December to February. Also slippers for inside. Did you know? 30% from the body's heath is regulated by the head. So, they should not forget a beany to bring them safe from the cold.
Also, gloves are optional but very confortable to throw snowballs.
The daylight is short in winter,
For example, the sun is in the sky from 8.40 AM to 4.40 PM, only 8 hours of sunshine the 21 December !
So be careful to the winter, and inform your volunteers and winter will not surprise them badly.

Please notice that, sometimes, the visa process could be long.
So, in order to prevent that the arrival date must be delayed,
(that make the particpation of the volunteer cancelled, and the process of participation must be remake..)
Take your time before to be sure that the volunteer can be ready one month in advance.
(Psst, it's even cheaper for the flight tickets when they are reserved earlier.)

I also make notice that we are able to send Civic Services, volunteers supported by the french governement, all over the projects and organisations who would like to host Civic Service, for one year, on their projects.
So, if you're interrested by hosting a Civic Service, please contact us at
[email protected]

Best regards to all of you,
The IVS.


Our projects availability

Most of our project in Belgium are full.
Many thanks to the motivated volunteers and their sending organizations !

  • Accueil et Vie - COMPLETE
  • Arche - COMPLETE
  • Renaissance - COMPLETE
  • Côte à Côte - COMPLETE
  • Don Bosco - ONE PLACE LEFT
  • Petits Chemins - ONE PLACE LEFT
  • Project NOW - COMPLETE
  • Fagotin - ONE PLACE LEFT
  • Youth Hostels - COMPLETE

Click here to have a look at all our incoming projects.


 We have a Facebook group dedicated to volunteers coming to Belgium through SVI

Click here to visit it and join! 
Check out our office webcam here

    Incoming Coordinator
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