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Drapeau de IndonésieIndonésie: Young Guardian Club Borobudur Mentoring Program
Date: Project Permanent
Code de projet: ID-GREAT-GREAT-LMTV09
Type de projet: Fouille archeologique,Projet culturel,Projet educatif
Frais de participation au projet: 330 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationThe main and still issue of Borobudur conservation is the mass tourism. At least three millions of domestic and international visitors step on the temple every year, this brings at least 150 million kg only from the weighs of tourists. The facts that the visitors step on the temple wearing different surface of shoes cause erosion to the stones. And the weather brings the unsheltered stones of the temple in higher risk of erosion. Therefore, it is important to organize sustainable action to raise the awareness of the visitors. At the same time, the involvement of local community into conservation activities for the temple has been a strong concern. In consultation with Borobudur Conservation Office (BCO), GREAT combines both issues by engaging with one local youth who concerns this issue. They are the Young Guardian Club (YGC) Borobudur. The members of YGC of Borobudur are students of 15-17 years old from the local high schools. YGC has missions to raise awareness of Borobudur conservation and its local culture to local youth and public youth. They carry out protection activities directly for the temple including cleaning and out reaching visitors to promote environment friendly tourist behavior, and being active for online campaign through social media. However, the fact that YGC members are teenage students, they have challenges of dynamic of motivation, organizational skill, media and communication and so on. GREAT is committed to mentor them answer those challenges and make sure the capacity building for youth through this project.

About the volunteer workThe LMTV program on January 5th 2017 – September 30th 2017 will have a series of objectives, by the period of volunteering, as follow: 1) Jan 5th – April 30th 2017 a. To facilitate the program of YGC Borobudur batch 8, at its second 4 months b. To be in charge of organizing international work camp in Spring 2017 together with GREAT and BCO c. To support GREAT team in the new initiative of YGC Creation in other cultural heritage sites: Sangiran 2) May 1st – Sept 30th 2017 a. To facilitate the program of YGC Borobudur batch 8, at its third 4 months b. To facilitate re-election of YGC Committee batch 8 period 2017-2018 c. To support preparation of WHV international work camp 2017 d. To support GREAT team in the new initiative of YGC Creation in other cultural heritage sites: Sangiran

Local accommodationHost family with simple bedding, shared kitchen and bathroom. Please note that Indonesian life style is very modest compared to European or American way. Food is provided by and in host family. If volunteers would like to eat outside, they must cover it by themselves

About the project locationBorobudur Village, Magelang, Central java, Indonesia

RequirementsVolunteer has to cover their own personal expenses during their free day, leisure time, health matters and visa matters.

Extra info about the projectHaving knowledge of world heritage sites, history and/or mass tourism will be very supportful; having good motivation to learn about miscellaneous aspects included in BCO such as chemistry, physics, biology and geology which are related to Borobudur temple compounds. Volunteer is required to be flexible in managing their free day, sometimes volunteer is required to do activity with YGC on the weekend. This project is not available to be started on June due to Ramadhan month.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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