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Drapeau de Fédération de RussieFédération de Russie: Wonder Mountains: Herbal garden
Date: du 2017-08-14 à 2017-08-31
Code de projet: RU-PZ-PZ 08
Type de projet: Projet de construction,Projet environnemental,Travail manuel
Frais de participation au projet: 250 EUR
Documents du projet: PZ 01-MTV Herbal Garden version SVI.pdf ; russie info générale 1.pdf ; russie info générale 2.pdf ;
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization

The hosting organization is a voluntary center InterAction Club in cooperation with the natural preserve Divnogorye .

About the volunteer work

The project started in 2012, and has already hosted several international workcamps.

Aims of the project:
Creation of a herbal garden with unique plants of the region will attract visitors to the voluntary center and will raise knowledge of visitors about natural heritage of the place. The project promotes protection of unique plants of the natural preserve.

Working with us on the project gives you an opportunity to explore and enjoy rural Russia. This project involves maintenance of a residential area for volunteers and territory of the natural preserve Divnogorye.
Obligatory tasks can be combined with optional activities, which are based on your talents and skills.
Project tasks: creation of herbal garden, study and research of combination of plants in the wild nature, making photos, gardening (planting trees and bushes), collecting herbs.

Optional tasks: cleaning tourist path from rubbish, helping in the organization of events, renovation of the terrace of the volunteer’s house, teaching English, renovation of old-fashioned furniture, painting and hand made.

Attention! Working tasks are mostly outside, volunteers have to be ready for physically demanding tasks. In summer it is quite hot (+30 C).

Local accommodation

Volunteers will be accommodated in a village house, 3-4 participants per room, male and female in one  room divided into 2 parts. There is no hot water supply there, so water will be sun-heated, or heated on the gas oven. The toilets will be of a basic design (latrine type). The river is located within just a 15-min walk from the host house. Banya (Russian type of sauna) is available.

Special info about the food

Cooking facilities are in the house. Drinking water is  from a well. The project coordinator will support volunteers in their daily routines. Sightseeing will be organized at days-off.

About the project location

On the spot, you discover a natural preserve, an ancient monastery with the churches built right inside the chalk hills, and a beautiful river.
The hosting organization is a voluntary center InterAction Club in cooperation with the natural preserve Divnogorye . The last one is located at a very picturesque place, a true touristic attraction of the region thanks to its historical and cultural heritage and unique flora. “Divnogorye” means “Wonder Mountains”. A lot of artistic events take place in the village, such as modern arts performances, concerts and seminars.
A lot of artistic events take place in the village Divnogorye close to the natural preserve of steppe landscapes. “Divnogorye” means “Wonder Mountains”. On the spot you discover an ancient monastery a church built right inside the chalk hills, and a beautiful river. The aim of the project is to break isolation of a rural area with the help of volunteers.

About the leisure activities possible

The place is a genuine point of attraction for archeologists, soil scientists, zoologists, ecologists, and nature lovers. Hiking, swimming in the river, climbing and caving is possible. Participation in artistic and educational events, organized by the museum staff is welcome.  Volunteers can visit banya (Russian type of sauna) any time (available next to the house of volunteers).
There will be 2 days off – Monday and Tuesday. It is possible to visit neighbor towns and cities, such as Voronezh – 1 million inhabitants, cultural and business capital of the region.


Volunteers with allergies against dust, sun, domestic animals and herbs have to think twice before applying to this project. Volunteers have to be ready to carry heavy things and make long walks.  Please, don't forget to bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag!

About the meeting point

Meeting of the volunteers – in Liski. The nearest international airport is in Voronezh

Extra info about the project

Volunteers can learn Russian language together with a certified teacher.
Learning herbs and weeds of the natural preserve - together with the tutor from the natural preserve – a professor of biology and botanic. If a volunteer would like to collect data for his/her thesis or diploma – it can be discussed with the staff of the natural preserve and the volunteer can have a tutor.

Participation fee – 250 Euro / month (the fee includes accommodation costs, basic food, lessons of Russian language, mentorship of scientific adviser). We invite nature lovers, ready to spend a lot of time at the countryside, outside.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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