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Drapeau de BirmanieBirmanie: Pintaya
Date: du 2017-09-15 à 2017-09-28
Code de projet: MM--Pintaya
Type de projet: Projet agricole,Projet social
Frais de participation au projet: 200 USD
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization

COM started aware of the global international voluntary exchange in 2008 in Vietnam and in 2012 participated the NVDA GA meeting in India. The first international volunteer workcamp was co-organized with NICE-Japan in October 2012 in Sobawte Village in Kayah state, Myanmar. The workcamps has been completed with volunteers from  15  countries  including  Myanmar,  Asia,  US  and  Europe.  We  finished  35  workcamps  and  recruit  310 volunteers until September 2016. 

About the volunteer work

the camp leader will organize team with all-inclusive roles so that everybody can participate in the cleaning, tidying up, and preparation for meals activities. There will be daily evaluation meeting at every night and volunteers can share and suggest information for daily life.

You are expected to show performance of your culture (dance, songs, games, etc.) and if possible cook your country’s food in your flexible day with the limited condition and bring traditional clothes if it is not heavy. 

The local leader is from Pin Ta Ya town. He was a member chief of poll officer and community elder, He also organized community based tourism project. This is first time to organize international workcamp. The local young people also need to improve their knowledge on globalization, English proficiency and cultural exchange. It is also need to educate in agriculture and environmental awareness to the local community. The area is surrounded with mountains and farms. The area is peaceful and calm area. There are ancient cave, waterfall and ancient pagodas nearby area. MPT sim card can be used. 

The volunteers participate in the village by helping to local community in their field of work. They will also work in cleaning and cooking by themselves. Sharing knowledge to the local community is also included in the work. There is planting, harvesting paddy, picking fruit and coffee, digging mud and other farms work are included. The farm work may change based on weather. Teaching to the children from grade 5 to 7 is also included. 

Local accommodation

The host will arrange accommodation for volunteers. The sleeping area for girls and boys will be separated.  In  the  project  from  monastery  will  provide  pillow,  bed  sheet  and  mosquitoes  net  for volunteers. 

*  Volunteers should bring medicine especially for diarrhea, flu and fever and personal use. 

*  Volunteers may need to bring toilet paper since in Myanmar toilets, people use not paper, but water! But volunteers are also welcome to try a local way that can be more comfortable if they are getting used to it. 

Special info about the food

 The host provided three meals a day and all the meal are rice, salad, fried fish and some local food.  Tap  water  is  not  drinkable  and  purified water  will  be  provided  to  the  volunteers.  The vegetables  are  fresh  from  nature  and  many appetizers but some local food may oily and salty. 

There will be meat only at the local market which happens once in every five days. We also prepare coffee and some local fruit sometimes.

About the leisure activities possible

Myanmar has many pagodas and each has its own history. In Shan state, the local market is opened once only in 5 days so we can visit there. We can also visit to ancient pagodas nearby village by boat. In the last day on departure, we can visit around Inlay Lake.   

About the meeting point

Meeting point for all workcamps project will be in the same place in COM office. Volunteers will leave together with camp leader from Yangon to camp site.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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