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Drapeau de ZimbabweZimbabwe: Youth Exchange program work camp
Date: du 2017-06-15 à 2017-07-04
Code de projet: ZW--YYEP 06 SHARON COHEN
Type de projet: Projet groupes (min 5 personnes),Projet social
Frais de participation au projet: 200 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization

Youth to Youth Exchange program is non­profit .non political. Non­governmental, voluntary
organization formed in 2005 registration no NA009/1005
YYEP is affiliated to several organizations including Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC),Zimbabwe
Volunteers Commission (ZVC) and international through Coordination Committee of International
Volunteers Services (CCIVS) a UNESCO board.

Aims and objectives

❖ To encourage, enable and mobilize young people to participate voluntarily in national and

community development activities.

❖ To promote peace, international understanding and inter ­cultural learning through

volunteer exchange

❖ To create opportunities for acquiring understanding and concern for social, economic and

physical challenges facing their country

❖ To organize and use workcamps as a tool for local development T

❖ o encourage adults to take greater interest in affairs of the young people through

volunteer support and exchange.


Since its inception in 2005, YYEP is looking to carry out projects in various communities of

Zimbabwe in the following categories:

❖ Construction:Roads and foot ­bridges, low income housing, schools, clinics, churches

and community centre’s

❖ Renovation:Royal buildings, archeological and historical sites.

❖ Environmental:Soil and water conservation, tree planting

❖ Health:Water supply, pit latrines, HIV/AIDS awareness and mitigation

❖ Economic: Poultry, piggery and irrigation schemes, communal and home gardens and


❖ income generating enterprises.

❖ Social Services: These public services aim to create more effective organizations, build

stronger communities, and promote equity and opportunity e.g. Paying fees for orphans

cater for disabled and most disadvantaged families.

Volunteers An international workcamp consists of volunteers from different races, nationalities

and other backgrounds although local volunteers are usually in the majority; the latter are made

up of two groups namely YYEP members and local community members.

Workcamp seasons There are two main workcamp seasons as follows:

✓Summer: September .October and November ✓Winter: May , June , July and August

Certain workcamps are organized outside the main seasons as and when need arises.

What is a workcamp movement? We as YYEP summarized as building peace, confrontingmilitarism and prejudice, developing understanding and international friendship, helping

communities to help themselves, intervening to help during disasters, also encouraging

sustainable development.

What is a workcamp? In YYEP we define it as the tool which we use to achieve our aim of

progress, the following are the aims:

❖ To unite a group of individuals who have a desire to perform voluntary service and provide

them with a chance to work on project useful to the community.

❖ To provide assistance and support to local projects.

❖ To promote contact between people of different cultural and social backgrounds, breaking

down linguistic and cultural barriers and creating an understanding and appreciation of


❖ To provide education through experience.

❖ To give people the experience of group life where all members are equal and permit them

to learn to accept responsibility both for the work done and for the functioning of the


❖ To provide an intercultural learning experience and opportunities to explore a new country

and a new culture in a deeper and more respectful way than as a tourists

❖ To integrate participants into local community so as to learn and share with their hosts.

❖ To help develop small scale infrastructure or environmental improvement

❖ To promote a culture of peace and volunteering

Special info about the food

The mode of communication will be English to all volunteers , In terms of work for example
building or painting we look for a specialist to help on the project , On accommodation we usually
do projects in rural areas where we given two big classrooms, one for male and the other for
females, all your goods will be under security. Food Volunteers will prepare food for themselves.
All volunteers will share responsibilities of shopping and cooking as well as cleaning dishes after
every meal. Vegetarians will not have a problem. Please bring your recipes for country dishes.

About the leisure activities possible

Touristic Areas around Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Africa’s paradise is blessed with spectacular variety and beauty yet remains a quiet

and spacious heaven for the discerning visitor and its charm and friendliness of its people.

Zimbabwe offers an exceptional variety of attractions ranging from the majesty of the Victoria

Falls to the excitement of a wildlife safari, from the thrills of white water rafting to the mystery of

the ruins of Great Zimbabwe

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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