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Drapeau de IndeInde: Jyothirgamaya Project
Date: Permanent
Code de projet: IN--Jyothirgamaya
Type de projet: Projet pour des personnes handicapées,Projet educatif
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization


Jyothirgamaya Foundation is a non profit organization working for the betterment of persons with visual impairment. Created in 16-04-2017, "We are, “an eye to the blind”! "

Our aim is to empower the blind in all spheres of life. Jyothirgamaya is an organization operating under a charitable trust that is the Jyothirgamaya foundation

According to the Kerala Federation for the Blind 2001 sample survey there, are four hundred thousand blind people living in the state of Kerala. Many of which go to schools, and many also have governmental jobs. Despite this fact they are not at all able to perform their activities of daily living, and they also lack immensely in orientation and mobility skills. They are confined within the four walls of their houses, and are not allowed to come out unaided. As they are living in the rural areas and most of the blind organizations are in the urban areas, they do not have access to proper training facilities. The reason behind this is that their guardians are not able to bring them to the school or training center. In order to solve this problem Jyothirgamaya adopts a unique approach of taking the school to their doorstep. We reach out to our blind beneficiaries through advertising our services in newspapers, featuring our programmes in popular television channels and radio channels. In order to widen our outreach programme we are also conducting short term workshops and training camps in different parts of the state.

To empower the blind in all possible spheres of life, through need based individualized training in all necessary skills paving the way for sharpening their personalities, and enabling them to get suitable employment. And also to sensitize the general public on how to look at the blind, and provide them with a conducive platform to live as every other citizen does

About the volunteer work

Teaching and training of persons with visual impairment, communicative English, access technology, (computer use with screen reader) this will be done with the help of staff/special educators. The volunteer, is facilitating the broadening of horizon of student. Researching of materials from abroad for the enhancement and rehabilitation of blind persons, translation of brochures, fliers, and other content in to the volunteers own language, spreading the word of the organization in his/her own country and connecting the organization to possible potential donors, and likeminded organizations if possible. All in all giving the organization new ideas and paving the way for its progress

Session taking, outdoor mobility training, Interaction with the students, visiting other blind organisation and taking part in organisational event

Local accommodation

Accommodated in an individual room in the hostel

Special info about the food

Cooked meals will be provided (3 meals offered by day)

About the project location

The volunteers will be working with the blind community who are of low self-esteem and conservative background. The project on the whole reaches out on the social change and intercultural exchange. The environment is a combination of both modern and orthodox culture

About the leisure activities possible

We organise leisure trips to Beaches, Mountains for students and volunteers .Volunteers is also welcome to expose during the free time.Kerala one of the most beautiful Indian state. A land of greenery, palm tree,coconut,beaches, beautiful back waters and mountains.

Extra info about the project

Visa is required and the organization will provide invitation letter to the volunteer for visa application. Jyothirgamaya doesn't charge any participation fee,however on completion of the project if the volunteer on their own accord wishes to donate they are welcome to do so.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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