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Drapeau de IndonésieIndonésie: MANGKANG CAMP I
Date: du 2018-01-16 à 2018-01-29
Code de projet: ID-IIWC-IIWC1801
Type de projet: Projet environnemental,Projet educatif
Frais de participation au projet: 2750000 EUR
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Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationMangkang is a fisher and farmer village located in west Semarang. This project has become annually and continuously project organized by IIWC in answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of North Java Sea in Mangkang. About 1,1 km costal line in Mangkang area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, cutting mangrove by local people and heavy force from the river flows. Before, many kinds of fish and shrimps are living there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quite difficult to find the species anymore. Fisherman also needs to go further to the ocean to fish and it means much work they need to do to earn money. Mangkang is the project site for IIWC World Tanabata Action of CCIVS UNESCO and Climate4Peace of SCI International. Project: Preserving natural diversity and sea shore from the abrasion because of no more mangrove and too strong waves from the ocean will be the main focus of the camp. This project implemented by collaboration between IIWC Indonesia and local community named BIOTA Foundation. Aims: To initiate the project of protecting the sea shore by planting mangroves and, to increase the awareness of the local people, the fisherman, and local students to protect their environment as well as their future.

About the volunteer workWork: Planting mangrove and other trees in beach, environment education garbage management discussion to local people and local children, some physical activity to support garbage management program in this are, school visits for environment education, green campaign in city centre, and manage the mangrove fruits to be snacks or foods and promote it. A testimony of previous volunteer from Lithuania

Local accommodationIIWC Volunteer house, sleeping bag is needed, self cooking, and self management.

About the project locationMangunharjo Village, Mangkang, Semarang Central Java Indonesia. Click here to see the map.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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