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Drapeau de Royaume-UniRoyaume-Uni: AUCHINDRAIN TOWNSHIP
Date: Permanent
Code de projet: GB-XS-XS01
Type de projet: Projet culturel,Aide a la traduction
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationAuchindrain is a museum representing an important part of Scotland’s past. The 22-acre site, deep in the stunning Argyll countryside, contains the houses and other buildings of a small farming community known as a township. Back in history Scotland had relatively few cities and towns. Most people lived in the country, worked as farmers and lived in a township – there were once thousands of places like this. Today, Auchindrain is a very special place indeed: there is nowhere else like it, in Scotland or elsewhere. During the main period of agricultural improvement, between about 1780 and 1860, it kept its traditional communal structure and was not divided up into crofts or rebuilt as a modern-style farm. As a consequence it retains much of the character and layout of a traditional township – a random scatter of simple buildings set in a landscape that has changed relatively little in centuries. The preserved buildings give an authentic insight into how people lived and worked.

About the volunteer workYou should be able to SPEND 10-12 WEEKS at Auchindrain during the summer of 2017. The optimum period is from late June to early September, but start and finish dates are FLEXIBLE to fit with your other commitments. Auchindrain is a museum without labels and display boards – in a place of such size and complexity, these would be expensive to produce and difficult to maintain, and their presence would have a negative impact on the ambience of the place. Instead, information about the people, buildings, landscape and working life is presented through a custom-made app on tablets carried by visitors: these are controlled by GPS and Bluetooth so that the displayed content changes as the visitor moves around. The museum receives many visitors from mainland Europe, but at present the tablet content exists only in English. Your task will be to familiarise yourself with the township and its story, and then to retell this in your native language working within the existing structure of the app: a subject-specialist from your own country will be arranged to support you with specific vocabulary. You will have the chance to get involved in other aspects of museum life to provide a break from the translation work.

Local accommodationYou will stay in a large residential trailer located within the museum, which you will be sharing with three to five other young people from Universities in the UK or mainland Europe. The accommodation is simple, but warm, dry and clean with shower facilities: there is access to a washing machine and dryer for clothes. You will be provided with £30 per week for food. You need to bring your own laptop, and be able to pay for your own travel and any excursions you’d like to make whilst you are in Scotland.

About the project locationAuchindrain is six miles south of Inveraray, in Argyll, and is an hour and a half from Glasgow by bus. The museum is set in a spectacular mountain landscape, with plenty of opportunities for walking and exploring.

Requirements-Only for volunteers speaking Italian, German, French or Spanish as their NATIVE language; -About to start, in the course of, or have completed, a University degree in an arts and humanities subject; -You will be a fluent and grammatically-correct writer in your mother tongue; -You will have good spoken and written English, and be interested in finding out about places like Auchindrain and the way of life of its people; -You will be physically fit: although you will not be expected to undertake significant manual work, Auchindrain is not a suitable environment for those with mobility difficulties or impaired eyesight; -Stay for 10-12 weeks sometime from early June till mid-September. -If interested, first, read all about Auchindrain Township on their website: Next, send a motivation letter AND a writing sample (in your own language! not English 500-1000 words) to your sending organization. Deadline: 28th of February. -The museum has considerable experience in hosting placements. People find the experience immensely rewarding, but the environment can be challenging: emotional and mental strength are needed;

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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