Service Volontaire International - 3. Theme : Support in terms of sensibilisation in terms of education on the methods to prevent IST/VTH/SIDA and support for school work. Sorry this project is not available !

Drapeau de TogoTogo: 3. Theme : Support in terms of sensibilisation in terms of education on the methods to prevent IST/VTH/SIDA and support for school work.
Date: du 2017-09-13 à 2017-10-04
Code de projet: TG-FAGAD-FAGAD 15
Type de projet: Projet educatif,Animation pour les enfants,Projet social
Frais de participation au projet: 330 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationOur local partner is the local branch of FAGAD at Esse. It is helped by the village development committee. We work with them for years. With our one of our French partners, we have built a recreational center with library and the creation of income generating activities.

About the volunteer work3. Theme : Support in terms of sensibilisation in terms of education on the methods to prevent IST/VTH/SIDA and support for school work. The youth of rural areas is confronted with serious problems linked not only just to primary health care, but also to unwanted pregnancies together with illnesses transmitted in sexual activity, notably sida. We do not have much by way of finance, but we have an obligation to make a modest contribution towards mastering these scourges which seriously hinder the development of our areas, which, far from towns are cut off, are a little forgotten. In addition schools and colleges are confronted with an absence of teachers of and professors. By way of this project, we will bring assistance to pupils in the area of their homework in terms of repetition or other educative ways Work to be done :  Organize sessions of programed themed sensibilisation / sketches ( theatre, and forum ) / discussions – debates on IST / SIDA and contraception / distribution of condoms and prospectus;  Assist teachers in the school / organize repetition sessions for the pupils at home / help them with their hem up with their homework and follow them up in their researches in the library.

Local accommodationThe volunteers will be housed in a house provided by the villagers. A local house and not modern. No electricity. The NGO Fagad provides mattresses to all volunteers. Some villagers use solar plates to recharge their devices. The showers and toilets are traditional. They have clean water. The food is always international. We have Togolese dishes, African and European dishes. Everyone is invited to participate in housework and meal preparation. Volunteers are often helped by the local population. Our meals are always appreciated by volunteers

About the project locationLocation : Essé-Zogbédji The population of this village is some 2 700 inhabitants. The following infrastructure items are to be found there like: two primary schools, a college, a market and dispensary ( a little health center ). The dominant activity is agriculture. Leisure  Touristic sites to visit : factory producing cement at Tabligo, the town of Aneho on the way to Bénin whence it is possible make an excursion to Togoville by way of a trip on Lake Togo, one of the largest in Togo and a visit to Togoville. 22 kms from Togoville is the lake of sacred crocodiles and the site of phosphates. At Lacata there is a lake of hippopotamus.  Possibility of discovering as well the north of Togo ( the large towns like Atakpamé, Sokodé, and Kara, the rock cutting of Alédjo ( the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock ), the region of Tamberma, the Naimtougou Falls…) and the Nangbéto Dam with the lake where hippopotamuses live;.  Cultural activities: percussion ( Djembé drums ) and dancing around the fire;  A day with a family: a day steeped in the daily life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, putting the village chief on his throne, traditional marriage, a day in the fields.

Requirements: Waitting motivated and flexible volunteers . NB: if you are not from organisation , member of CCIVS, you'll pay 100 euros more

Extra info about the projectEsse Zogbedzi is not far from Tabligbo, the neary town

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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