Service Volontaire International - MINE Village life and Mishima island camp /YAMAGUCHI Sorry this project is not available !

Drapeau de JaponJapon: MINE Village life and Mishima island camp /YAMAGUCHI
Date: du 2017-08-06 à 2017-08-17
Code de projet: JP-CIEEJ-CIEEJ1711
Type de projet: Projet culturel,Animation pour les enfants
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationWith the support of Mine slow tourism network, volunteers have many chances to deeply experience a rural Japanese school life in Yamaguchi area. A local group revitalizing rural farm village started their project 2 year ago to provide places for the local Youth and adults to interact each other. They appeal the importance of self-sufficient and sustainable life. The local partner is looking for volunteers who is mature, energetic and interested in revitalizing the community and accelerate communication among Japanese and international members. CIEE Japan started STV in 2014 with a Russian organization and we continued hosting a summer workcamp with mixed nationalities in 2015. This year, it will be 3th anniversary to run this camp. Mine Tourism guide (ENGLISH) Mishima island

About the volunteer work-Prepare and support 3 days Mishima island camp for local teenagers (Elementary – High school) during August 7-9. ※There is slight chance that this camp will be cancelled if the weather is too bad or there are short on students applying for the camp -Intercultural exchange with local community and accelerate communication among Japanese and international members. -Clean traditional Japanese share house and experience the lifestyle -Experience ZAZEN meditation at local temple -Participate at a local BON festival (August 13)

Local accommodationAccommodation: -120 year old Japanese traditional house which is being renovated for the share house - Volunteers also stay at the camp facility 3 days in Mishima Island (during August 7-9) Facilities: Japanese Tatami room with futon mattress, a washer, kitchen, shower, restroom, bathroom with bathtub. Free-wifi is available, Convinience store is 10 minutes away on foot. Supermarket is 15 minutes away by car, Volunteer will stay 1 day at a local family (August 11) Meals: Volunteers take turns and cook by themselves every day. Fresh rice and vegetables will be provided by a local farmer. A volunteer is expected to eat rice, miso soup, fish, egg, Tofu, beans on a daily basis without any problem

About the project locationMine is a neighboring city to Hagi and it is 30 minutes away from Shin Yamaguchi Station which is the hub station for bullet train. The camp location is within the area of a mysterious Akiyoshido Cave(秋芳洞) and a beautiful Beppu Benten pond (別府弁天池). They became a popular touristic spot in recent years. A volunteer needs at least 10,000 JPY in cash if she/he wants to go sightseeing on free-day. Hagi is located in Yamaguchi prefecture, in the west part of Honshu, the Mainland of Japan, and faces the Sea of Japan. It is a small local city with the population of 55,000. Mishima island is located approximately 44 km from mainland Hagi, it has a population of 800 and Mishima cattle (Japanese native cattle) is registered as a Japanese National Treasure in 1928, and is one of only two remaining breeds of native cattle in the country.

RequirementsA motivation letter (more than 5 sentences long) is required. Please include your interest, motivation, experience and strength of yourself in English or Japanese. long sleeve shirt (as well as T-shirt) and long pants, swimwear (for swimming), sneakers, flip-flops, bug protected spray, bath towels, facial towels, toothpaste, brush, shampoo and conditioner, presentation material, seasonings that represent your country (salt, garlic, paste, sauce or pepper)

Extra info about the projectCredit card is useless in the camp location. Please prepare enough Japanese cash (at least 20,00 0JPY) to buy daily personal item and souvenirs.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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