Projet de volontariat à l'étranger -Costa Rica-SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION (ASVO) 2018-

Service Volontaire International - SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION (ASVO) 2018

Drapeau de Costa RicaCosta Rica: SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION (ASVO) 2018
Date: Project Permanent
Code de projet: CR-ACI-ACI/ASVO 2018
Type de projet:
Frais de participation au projet: 325 EUR
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Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationACI COSTA RICA.

About the volunteer workThe sea turtle conservation program is a scientific-based conservation activity in which the organizations involved try to increase the amount of sea turtle hatchings in order to give higher survival rates. The camps are located within walking distances from the beach. Apart from the sea turtles, you will also have high chances of seeing tropical birds, iguanas and monkeys. The main goal of these projects is to help the recovering of sea turtle populations. The species of sea turtles that you can find on these beaches are: Leatherback, Olive riddle, Hawksbill, Green and Logger Head, depending on which project and season you visit. Note: ASVO decides, if the volunteer goes to Montezuma project or to Buena Vista! Possible tasks for the volunteer: ï‚· To patrol at night ï‚· To build hatcheries To supervise hatcheries ï‚· To count baby turtles and to release them ï‚· To assist in the collecting of scientific data ï‚· To maintain infrastructure ï‚· To clean the beach. Required skills and interests of the volunteer: - To be respectful towards the internal rules the project - To love nature as the main goal of these projects is the protection of turtles - To be in good physical condition as the patrols imply long walks along the beach at night - To be open to share accommodation and bedroom with other volunteers - To be very flexible and to do different tasks during the day which may involve cooking and cleaning as volunteers may be also responsible of taking care of the camp Turtles Season in both Projects: The high season is from July to November in both projects. You can come the rest of the months since there is work in the project. Activities like reforestation, cleaning the beach, and also night patrols are done all the year. There is always something to do. They receive around 3-6 turtles per month in low season

Local accommodationDescription of accommodation: Currently the project has a wood rustic lodge consisting of a common enclosure for volunteers on the second floor, kitchen and dining space. Outside it has 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. It has water and showers. It has no electricity service. It has a solar panel in which you can charge your cell phone once a day. There is not Wifi.

About the project locationThe nesting season schedule on the different beaches is the following in Buena Vista and Romelias-Montezuma- Turtle nesting season- July December. Montezuma beach is located on the peninsula of Nicoya, province of Puntarenas and belongs to the conservation area of Tempisque. -- Buena Vista beach is a nesting beach of approximately 2.8 km of length and limited in the north by the blind estuary and in the south by the river Buena Vista, the back of the beach is limited by a system of mangroves, which depend on water from the river and tides, beach slope is low ranging between 3 ° and 4 ° to swell, so the currents are strong which makes it an ideal place for surfing. The project is located in the northern part of Costa Rica, in the canton of Nicoya, 2,5 kms to the centre of SÝ¡mara.

Extra info about the projectExtra fees to pay on arrival based on a 1 week stay 325 USD (camp fee 175 $ + adm. cost 150$ for ACI Costa Rica). 175$ for each extra week. Open all year, arrival date is free

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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