Drapeau de Fédération de RussieFédération de Russie: THE SECOND LIFE OF HISTORICAL MONUMENTS NEAR ST. P
Date: du 2017-07-17 à 2017-07-28
Code de projet: RU-MT-WHV-MT05/17
Type de projet: Projet culturel,Unesco
Frais de participation au projet: 40 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationPROJECT: The Country Estates and Monuments of the St-Petersburg region were built in 18-19 centuries. Among the owners there were members of the royal family and famous statesmen, military leaders, artists, composers, architects, writers. Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups Monuments (link ) consists not only of well-known historical center of St. Petersburg, palaces and park ensembles of its suburbs Peterhof,Tsarskoe Selo, but also a little known historical part Imperial country estates, fortress and other monuments . Lots of country estates were damaged, especially parks, landscapes and interiors.International volunteers (about 10 persons) some days will work in the WH site Palace and Park Ensemble (18-19 centuries) in the village Gostilitsy situated 67 km far from St. Petersburg , this place often visited Empress Elizabeth for royal hunting.Few days volunteers will work in the Kronshtadt Fortress surrounded by water of the Gulf of Finland.

About the volunteer workThe volunteers will be engaged in the park maintenance works such as taking care of plantation of trees; mowing the meadows; curing the trees; cleaning the hollows; sweeping the grounds; and improving the paths around Monument. They will also make a WH panels about the World Heritage property. On the fortifications volunteers will work to clean up the coast of the Finnish Gulf, to paint the fragments walls of the fortress.The volunteers will prepare a dance/performance to promote the site .It might be the mysterious fortunes of famous historical persons and events .The project will have a study part (workshop): volunteers will make a presentation about the projects for modern using of the park area.Few days volunteers will visit and work in some other World Heritage sites near St.Petersburg: Gatchina, I. Repin Estate The Penates and others.

Local accommodationHost organisation provides a basic conditions: accommodation and food in St-Petersburg and in Leningrad region. Volunteers will live in wooden house or in the local school in the village Gostilitsy. Weekend volunteers will stay in St. Petersburg.

About the project locationSt. Petersburg/Leningrad region. TERMINAL: Pulkovo International Airport. It is located about 17 km from the St.Petersburg center. We know that some of the volunteers have problems with the high cost of tickets to Saint Petersburg. We would like to recommend them to find economy flights not to St. Petersburg, but to Riga or Helsinki or other Finland city. It is a very short way from Riga or Helsinki to our city not only by plane, but also by bus or train.LEISURE TIME: St-Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia. Volunteers will have an opportunity to visit numerous museums, theatres, galleries and exhibitions, country residences of Emperors, Grand Princes and grandees: Peterhof i city of fountains (, Lomonosov, Tsarskoye Selo (, Pavlovsk ( and just restored palace in Gatchina. Also at this time of the year, the city hosts a variety of festivals, concerts and folk events. Each year millions of tourists come to St.Petersburg for walking at night along the Neva River, watching the bridges raise. Meeting with local people and evenings of international cuisine will be organized, so it would be great if volunteers will share their traditional recipes and food. A group of international volunteers in cooperation with local youth will prepare a performance for promote the WH site. Volunteers will participate in the historical reconstruction of the events of the 18-19th centuries. It might be the mysterious fortunes of famous persons.

RequirementsThe project will have a study part. Volunteers are supposed to prepare presentations for local community about the ways (model) of preservations World Heritage sites in their home countries. The workshop will be organized devoted to the World Heritage. Volunteers should bring working clothes, gloves and sleeping bags. The museums fees and local transport expenses aren t going to be covered, volunteers will have to pay on their own. However, due to the euro-ruble currency this year the journey will be rather cheap. We ask volunteers to send us motivation letters. PRE CAMP 14/07/17 -17/07/17. More information see in info list.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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