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Drapeau de ItalieItalie: Inclusive Summer
Date: du 2017-08-19 à 2017-08-31
Code de projet: IT-LUNAR-LUNAR 25
Type de projet: Projet pour des personnes handicapées,Projet social,Projet agricole
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization“Il Pungiglione” is a social cooperative that contributes to the development of the local community. The “Arianna's house” is located in Civita Castellana hosting important service including a family-house, a social and an educational center. This place particularly welcomes people with special needs to develop the potential of everybody. It's an empowerment center in the perspective of their social and professional inclusion. The “Arianna's house” is surrounded by a green area to be transformed in to a social garden and a community park. The social part of our "dream" in this project involves creating and sharing an alternative augmentative communication lab that overcomes the physical and cultural language barriers with integrated communication through images.

About the volunteer workThe volunteers will set up a social garden wich will be used like a way of personal growth and training for the persons welcomed , as to produce seasonal food to be consumed directly within the residential services. We will also setting up a public park to make the area around the “house” more usable and enjoyable by the entire community. In addition, volunteers will participate in the field trips with the “house” guests, as well as organize their theme evenings with other local associations, to end with a big party open to the whole community. Working days and hours: The volunteers will be involved in activities for about 6 hours a day, and will be guaranteed to them two days off. The work session can be divided and used in different activities in the same day or used continuously for the field trips.

Local accommodationThe “house” offers the opportunity to cook on site. The food will be bought on the basis of an indicative weekly menu and welcoming as far as possible the demands and preferences of the guests of the house, in this case the international volunteers. We prefer local, seasonal products, and vegetables and fruits are available for any vegetarian menu. As for housing, some of the local structure, with annexed bathrooms and showers, will be made available to the volunteers. Inside the “house” there are also one laundry room that can be used, as well as the wi-fi .

About the project locationCivita Castellana is a town of 16,777 inhabitants in the province of Viterbo in Lazio. It is 37 kilometers from the provincial capital and 50 km from Rome. Civita Castellana is a place rich in history and natural beauty. Located on the hydrogeographic basin Treja, famous for its gorges and its historical and archeological trails. Terminal: Rome

RequirementsThe relationships with the guests, people with specials needs, will be important: volunteers will be asked to interact and enjoy on a peer basis. Social and communication competences are needed. Volunteers able to speak Italian are welcome, for a better interaction with the locals. Workcamp open to volunteers 21+ yo.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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