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Drapeau de BrésilBrésil: Casa Madre Giovanna
Date: Permanent
Code de projet: BR-I_BRA-
Type de projet: Projet social,Animation pour les enfants
Frais de participation au projet: 340 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationCasa Madre Giovanna Project was created in 1995 by a Catholic Congregation with the objective of assist and support disadvantaged children who used to stay on the streets. The project actually receives about 120 children and adolescents from 6 to 16 years old, divided in age groups; they all come from the local community and from families under risk. Its mission is to help the children to develop personal and social skills, knowledge and values and to permit them to stay in a safe place, allowing the mothers to have a regular job. It encourages the socialization, creativity, skills and interests of the children through sport, workshops, moment of confraternization, cultural visits, educational and pedagogical activities.

About the volunteer workWork from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, with a free half day (a morning or a afternoon), Saturday and Sunday free. The volunteer will assist and help the educators in these different activities and will participate in the games and sports with the groups; he/she will have a strong interaction with the children and sometimes he/she will stay with a smaller group of kids, helping them in some specific activities according to their ages (reading, start to write, homework, drawing?); he/she can choose an age group to stay with or will change the kids group depending on the activities developed (for example, with the group of 5 to 7 years old children, he/she can help them to draw, to learn to write and read, as they need special and sometimes individual attention and support; with the older kids she can help in informatics? ). He/she will be able to propose and organize new workshops according to his/her interests and skills and project needs, such as teaching (foreign languages, simples exercise, homework...), music (percussion, to built instrument from recycling material or objects from daily life, singing, singing... ), dance, arts, theater and corporal expression, sports and recreational activities, games and pedagogical activities in general. The volunteer will also assist the kids during the meals and sometimes can be helped to help in the kitchen. He/she will be able to go with the coordinator to visit the kids families in the favela to know their realities too.

Local accommodationAll volunteers will be living in host families where they will be having breakfast and dinner during the week. Lunch will be given at the project during the week. There is also the oppurtunity to have some snacks during the day at the project. At weekends the volunteers will have all meals with the host families. Please note that the meals at the host families will be as a "member" of the families so the volunteer will have to adapt to local cuisine and not expect meals prepared especially for the volunteer. Also depending on the host family it can happen that the volunteer will have to prepare his or her own food. In case of a senior female volunteer, she will be living with the religious sisters that run the project.

About the project locationCampo da Tuca District, a poor area with many social problems such us child work, adolescent pregnancy and drug abuse. Porto Alegre is a very cultural active city and there are a lot of museums and galleries to visit for free. Also there is a lot of street fairs with diferent topics all over the year, such as Antique fairs, Arts & Crafts-Fairs, Food Truck, Music Festivals etc. The state Rio Grande do Sul is the most southern of Brazil and there are many nature highlights to visit such as the Aparados da Serra (canyons), Beaches, etc. It is also remotely close to the Igua?u Water Falls and Uruguai and Argentina are closer than Rio de Janeiro for example.

RequirementsEuros 340 for the first 4 weeks and after that, euros 70 every extra week. These costs include accomodation, threes meals a day and transport from and to the project as well as the airport pickup, on-arrival meeting, During the whole stay the volunteer(s) will have a tutor for questions, problems, leisure time planning. Please note that there is the chance to receive a senior female volunteer at the project.

Extra info about the projectGenerally the project can receive male and female volunteers. In the case of a senior volunteer they can only accept a women since she will be living with the religous sisters that run Casa Madre Giovanna Project.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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