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Drapeau de TaïwanTaïwan: URBANFARMER@HOULI
Date: du 2017-06-01 à 2017-06-04
Code de projet: TW-VYA-VYA-IHV027
Type de projet: Projet agricole,Projet educatif,Projet environnemental
Frais de participation au projet: 150 USD
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organization

Since 2009, Meishan Christian Church has taken care of kids from underprivileged families free of charge. Now there are 30 kids in total from elementary school to high school. In 2016, HYDROVEGE, a new social enterprise, with an economic point of view, got involved. With new farming ideas and techniques, HYDROVEGE was established a social purposes towards a financially sustainable way. In each project, there will be some high school students take the leadership for helping and leading the group. The profits from the project will be used part as their part-time allowances and support their families. Part of the profits will be used for supporting Meishan Christian Church organizing the after school project for local kids. Join us and take a look at how we share these values to our kids and see how these values influence their future.

Objective for project:

1. Traditional agriculture work such as planting, weeding, harvesting, watering and etc.

2. Hydroponic agriculture area maintenance such as planting and harvesting and etc.

3. Building chicken coop/ ecological pool/ herb garden/ Black Soldier Fly device

4. Eco enzyme composting

5. After school, cultural and educational activity for children

About the volunteer work

Meet the pioneers changing the way of city farming! The social enterprise ‘HYDROVEGE’ comes from the words ‘Hydroponic’ and ‘Vegetables’. Hydroponics is a method to grow plants without soil but water reaches as nutrients directly. Unlike other Hydroponics farms, our vegetables are grown in towers in order to deal with the limited farming areas in Taiwan

Our educational farmland includes traditional farming, chicken coop, ecological pool, herb garden, etc. We need you! Come to feel the Mother Earth and be part of us!

The volunteer could do : 

1.Traditional agriculture work such as planting, weeding, harvesting, watering and etc.

2.Hydroponic agriculture area maintenance such as planting and harvesting and etc.

3.Building chicken coop/ ecological pool/ herb garden/ Black Soldier Fly device

4.Eco enzyme composting 5.After school, cultural and educational activity for children (Remind: Every team will have different types of voluntary works based on local/season status.)

We encourage all volunteers to share their culture to kids. With your accompany, the kids can broaden their horizons by knowing stories and experiencing cultures from different parts of the world. And of course your presence will give them the chance to use English

Local accommodation

1.At HYDROVEGE center. Sleep in shared room with wooden bed and mattress, no need to bring your own blanket and pillow, unless you have personal needs. Showers and toilets are available.

2.Paid Telephone for international call is available in 7-11 where is just nearby the accommodation in 5 minutes by walk.

3.First Aid: Local Hospital is nearby accommodation in 10 minutes by walk.

4.Accommodation is about 10 minutes drive distance from Hou-li Train Station.

Special info about the food

Food is our proud. We are getting in the spirit with fresh ingredients and spices. From either local market or the HYDROVEGE garden, ‘dining with seasonality’ is not only a slogan, but also a practice. Come to HYDROVEGE, where delicious food is integrated with good taste, farming lifestyle and values.

About the project location

HYDROVEGE center, a small farm in Hou-li, Taichung City where located in the middle of Taiwan.

About the leisure activities possible

Houli has many educational and cultural spots, such as Lien-Cheng Saxophone Museum, Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory, etc. Participants will have opportunities to visit these enjoyable places, chat with local people and enjoy the passion of Taiwanese People


Things to Bring: towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, tissue, slippers, clothes, working clothes, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, umbrella, pens or notebook and etc.

About the meeting point

1. Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE) (

2. In case of Asia Countries, it could be in Taichung International airport, too. (

Extra info about the project

1.Strong motivation for learning and respects to local culture.

2.HYDROVEGE keeps the right to refuse late application.

3.Number of Volunteer: 10 foreign volunteers with and 10-14 local participants.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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