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Drapeau de NépalNépal: CHITWAN WORKCAMP 2
Date: du 2017-07-15 à 2017-07-29
Code de projet: NP-I_NEP-I_NEP/WCP2017-2
Type de projet: Projet de renovation,Projet environnemental,Travail manuel,Projet educatif
Frais de participation au projet: 350 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationICYE NEPAL

About the volunteer workORPHANAGE : There is no government initiative to protect the children and their fundamental rights and privileges. Many concerned organizations have opened orphanages and tried to house, care and educate the children. When you join the program, you will help the orphanages in their struggle to improve the lives of poor children and orphans. Through your dedication and time you will spend with the kids you will change lives of the children for the better. The orphanage project is quite needy one. As a volunteer at this project, you will help children with their homework, teach English, support in their health and hygiene and provide love and care to them. You also can organize extra activities like games and plays. If you are interested in teaching, you can teach during the day time in the same school where the children from the orphanage go. You also can help in cooking, serving food, washing dishes and clothes of the children. You take children to the school and bring them back from the school. You help them dress well before they go to school. If you have any idea to raise the funds for the project, you equally can do that. -- TEACHING ENGLISH : Teach English to children who are very enthusiastic to learn from international volunteers while immersing in Nepalese culture and widening your perspective on the world. As a volunteer in Teaching English project, you will work to teach conversational English to children in public or private schools. The working hours may be from 3-4 hours per day and the children will be the age of 6 and 15. You will be working alongside a primary teacher and teaching from a fixed English curriculum. You can also work as a teacher's assistant or lead English lessons. CONSERVATION : Realizing the need of nature conservation, local NGO has started a village nursery in a small rural village (Chitwan) where volunteers prepare seedlings of different plant species and distribute free to local villagers and schools. There are frequent nature preservation awareness and cleaning campaigns also. While working in the project, volunteers can learn a great deal about nature, conservation efforts, work in nursery and awareness drives. The nursery consists with Verities of plants; multi-purpose tree species like China Berry, Silk Cotton, Ipil-ipil, Shisham, Bamboo, etc., Fruits like Litchi, Mango, Jackfruit, etc., and Flowers like Bougainvillea, Croton, Hibiscus, Gardenia, etc. The purpose of nursery is to produce seedling, distributing them to the local farmers and partners and planting them in the conservation areas. At the same time, it has helped a lot to train local partners and local farmers. The Nursery has a local coordinator who manages the plants and other necessary materials regarding Nursery.

Local accommodationWhile staying in the family, volunteers will get typical Nepali food every day. In the host family, volunteers will eat completely Nepali food (Rice, lentil soup, vegetable, green vegetable and green salad). During the project time, we will split the group in different host families. We do have many host families in Chitwan; one after another. We make a pair and place our volunteers in the host family. Some of the host families can accommodation four volunteers. Staying with a host family, volunteers will have an opportunity to understand about Nepali culture and the way of life people have here in Nepal.

About the project locationAbout Chitwan and the people: Chitwan District is one of 75 Districts of Nepal, and is located in the southwestern part of Narayani Zone with Bharatpur, the fifth largest city of Nepal, as its district headquarters. It is about five hours' scenic drive from Kathmandu. It covers an area of 2,238.39 km2 and the population of more than 650000. Bharatpur is a commercial and service center of central south Nepal and merger destination for higher education, health care and transportation of the region. The people inhabiting the Chitwan District are predominantly peasant farmers cultivating mainly food and cash crops such as rice, maize, wheat, beans, lentils, mustard and vegetables.

Extra info about the projectExtra fee to pay on arrival at the camp : 350 €

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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