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Drapeau de RoumanieRoumanie: Teisani-Olteni Village Festival
Date: du 2017-08-12 à 2017-08-26
Code de projet: RO-RO-RO-SCI 7.1
Type de projet: Projet festival,Protection du patrimoine unesco,Animation pour les enfants
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationThis the second edition of this project after the success in 2016. Teisani-Olteni lays in a hilly area about 100km north of Bucharest. Once with a vibrant rural life, the village had it transitioned to our days. About a third of the properties are now owned by people from nearby cities who do not actually live there. The number of children dropped dramatically with one of the school close to its closure. Furthermore, those remaining do not seem to plan a bright future there. The project is a private initiative supported by the mayor & local council. It aims to bring the world closer to the children, to strengthen their strive to get good education, give a chance to speak English understand what is valuable in their village and create the vision of what it may become in the future.

About the volunteer workWe will have about 20 children (aged 10-14) in the camp who will work in groups with volunteers to accomplish the following: - Organize activities for children in the village at the summer festival that would take place 19-20th of August - Facilitate a cultural exchange between volunteers and local kids in the village - Organize different games for children both fun and educational - Discuss a vision of what the place may become in the future / Contribute to the cultural website for the village - Video-record some of the old people in the village about the past and transformation - Organize a group trip to the nearby mountains.

Local accommodationThe volunteers will be accommodated in private house near the school. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Meals will be provided on the spot. The place has showers, kitchen, Wi-Fi and a number of spots to relax.

Extra info about the projectFood will be cooked mainly from local products, a local person will be in charge with it but volunteers (together with children) will help on agreed schedule Volunteers shall be interested in working with children before all. Should someone be familiar with Internet and IT, it will be a great help Smoking and alcohol drinking possible only after finishing the program with the children! Activities with children will be from 10 am to 6 pm every day except a couple of evenings when we will have other evening program The last two days will serve for evaluation and making some trips around to some attraction points as agreed within the group. Depending on choice, a small contribution to own costs for each participant may be expected.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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