Service Volontaire International - BE GRANDPARENTS AND CHILDRENS ENGLISH TEACHER, DE Sorry this project is not available !

Date: du 2017-08-12 à 2017-09-01
Code de projet: TW-VYA-VYA-1708-TP
Type de projet: Projet d'aide aux personnes Âgées
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationHondao Senior CitizenU s Welfare Foundation (Hondao), established in 1995, have promoted aging in place in Taiwan around 20 years. Since youngsters living in their familiar places can have good care and support from neighbors and community center, Hondao not only provide eldersU service, but also concern about the intergenerational education. Through some intergenerational activities, grandchildren and grandparents will improve their relationships and get much more closer with each other. In Toubian Community, we find that not only elders need to be concerned, but also children in elementary school should have more educational resources. Actually, most types of family structures here are grand-parenting, which is the reason we want to recruit volunteers to join our Toubian International Work Camp. We sincerely invite volunteers to be our elders and elementary school studentsU English teacher. We design English courses, teach English classes, as well as present an English drama with children and elders in final presentation. You will learn more about the development of elders and communities in Taiwan. We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience about interacting with children and elders. Not only will you contribute to Toubian, the harvest and learn are also out of your imagination. If you have enthusiasm for children, elders and being a teacher, we pretty sure that you wonU t want to miss this chance Come to Toubian, which will be an amazing experience in your summer time Do not be hesitant, just join us

About the volunteer work1.We will design English courses for children in the Toubian Elementary School and elders of Community Center. Let them have a chance to improve English. WeU ll have a group discussion to decide the courses and design games for children and elder in this camp. Finding an interesting way to learn English is our top goal. 2.Present an English drama with elders and children in the end of camp. 3.Have experiences to make traditional Taiwanese food, such as rice cake. 4.Wear Aging Simulation to experience sensory changes elders may have. Aging Simulation makes you older immediately and know more about eldersU body.5.Visit local elders and accompany them. We provide services such as house cleaning.6.Experience Taiwanese special culture, such as Taiwanese food, fruits, temples, night markets, beautiful mountains and local people.

Local accommodationLocal community center. Sleeping bag is essential. (Please kindly bring it by yourself.)Cook by yourselves, so that we can have chances to exchange diverse cultural foodsPF: ItU s free (Hondao will provide meals and accommodations). Volunteers should afford transportation and living expenses by themselves during free schedule.

About the project locationlocation:No.18, Ln. 11, Sec. 2, Changlong Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 41150, Taiwan (R.O.C.)Google(click to see the map and the police bureau is very close to the site ) International Airport to Taichung train station.leisure:Visit Taiwan scenic spots: Sun-Moon lank, Lukang old town, night market, temple cultures, etc.

RequirementsHigh motivation for learning and passion for elders and children.Attitude of respect and responsibility.Willing to have teamwork.Desires to learn new things.

Extra info about the projectHigh motivation for learning and passion for elders and children. Attitude of respect and responsibility. Willing to have teamwork. Desires to learn new things.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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