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Drapeau de ArménieArménie: SMILE TO TREAT 1
Date: du 2017-08-03 à 2017-08-16
Code de projet: AM--HUJ4
Type de projet: Projet pour des personnes handicapées,Projet environnemental,Projet groupes (min 5 personnes),Animation pour les enfants
Attention, ce projet n'est accessible qu'aux groupes (min 5 participants)
Frais de participation au projet: 260 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationOur partnair was founded in 1965 and is registered as a non-governmental organization. It is a member of the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organizations.
The main activities run by HUJ are for and with volunteers, mainly the young people. The regular activities of our organisation include exchange of volunteers with different organisations, opening of international workcamps in Armenia, preparation and sending volunteers to different trainings and seminars, as well as EVS and other long-term projects.
The essential aims of the organisation are to raise the social competences and employability of the youth by organising activities for national and foreign volunteers in various programs in Armenia (workcamps, training courses, medium and long-term projects) as well as facilitating the participation of local and national volunteers in similar projects abroad; to take care of orphans, children with special needs and socially indigent people by proposing activities to and for them and making them more visible for local, national and international communities.

About the volunteer workhe aim of this workcamp is organization of the leisure time of children with disabilities that receive their treatment in this Centre and environmental work on the territory.
Volunteers’ day will begin with environmental work: maintaining the territory, cleaning children’s playground from weeds and grass, painting and some renovation work. After the children finish their therapy, volunteers will join them to draw, sculpture, sing and dance, do physical training, play games.
At the end of the camp volunteers and children will organize a farewell concert.

All our camps have become traditional. Types of the works are renovation, ecological, cultural, aesthetic work with children. The work is expected to be interesting and various.

Local accommodationVolunteers will stay in a separate cottage on the territory of the Rehabilitation Center and sleep in beds.

Special info about the foodDo not worry about sleeping bags, as you will stay in building/cottages of the hosting organizations where you will be provided with beds/mattresses and bedding packs. Making beds and keeping the rooms neat and clean every day is obligatory.

About the project locationThe Centre is situated not far from the center of Yerevan, next to the artificial Lake Yerevan. The territory of the Rehabilitation Center is former Governmental rest house.
The camp will be opened for the 23rd time and is already a popular and traditional one. Every year the children, who receive their treatment here, look forward to meeting the volunteers in summer.
Volunteers bring a lot of ideas, spirit, love, warmth, kindness, and make the stay of the children in this Center a great holiday. They make these children feel that they are needed, full-valued and help them to reveal their talents and abilities.

About the leisure activities possibleArmenia is called an open-air museum. A lot of interesting excursions and visits to historical monuments and museums will be organized during the workcamp.
The excursions to the following sights will be organized on the expense of HUJ: Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, Zvartnots Cathedral ruins, Garni Pagan Temple, Geghard
Monastery Complex with a program of PATRIMONITO, Lake Sevan (with a barbecue on the beach). Volunteers will also visit Matenadaran-storehouse of ancient manuscripts, Historical Museum of Armenia, National Gallery of Armenia, museum of famous film director S. Parajanov, Vernissage – Armenian big souvenirs market under the open sky.
There will be different games, Armenian dancing and language lessons organized in the workcamp.

RequirementsIt is very important to take along different table games, songbooks, children song CDs for work with children and for using in the performances/concerts to be organized for the last day of the workcamp.
During the workcamp volunteers will be organizing the “Days of countries” when each volunteer shall present his/her country, so please bring photos and booklets describing your country, recipes of national dishes, national songs.
You will have free time after the work, so you can bring your music instruments, CDs with your favorite national songs and music and, of course, your high spirit and your creativity.

About the meeting pointVolunteers of your camp will meet you at the airport only in case if your arrival time is during the day (between 8:00-24:00).
If your arrival time is after midnight, you will have to look for a bus or take a taxi to the workcamp (the price of the taxi to all the workcamps in Yerevan is 8-10 Euro.

Extra info about the project

Time : GMT + 4 hours
Climate, temperature : Continental, average temperature in summer +25°- +35°C
Capital : Yerevan
Currency : - 1 Euro = 518 Dram - 1 USD = 480 Dram
Visa-free regime for EU and CIS citizens.
Citizens of other countries should pay a visa fee 6 EUR for single entry up to 21 days of stay on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The up-to-date list of countries not needing visa to enter Armenia is available here:
To get more information about Armenia, we recommend you to visit the following websites:

5 volunteers : 360€

6 - 7 volunteers : 330€

8 - 13 volunteers : 290€

14 - ... volunteers: 260€

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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