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Drapeau de Corée du SudCorée du Sud: Namuwa
Date: Permanent
Code de projet: KR-IWO-IWO/LOVE-A6
Type de projet: Animation pour les enfants,Projet educatif
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationAlternative school is an educational establishment with a curriculum and methods that are non-traditional. These schools are more flexible in their administration, which allows for a more variety in educational programs. They often have curriculum elements that focus on improving students’ self-esteem, fostering growth of individuality, and enhancing social skills. NAMUWA School has three philosophies and they mainly focus on, uniqueness, relationship and creativity; Uniqueness to find out oneself, relationship to acknowledge differences and creativity to be able to change oneself. From this, the school strongly believes that education is not just knowledge but helping students live happily with each other. In addition, since the school prioritizes voluntary and practical experience, there are diverse classes which can’t be found in other typical school such as gardening, doing some exercises and ecology games. Therefore, the school expects international volunteers who can deeply interact with students, encourage students act spontaneously, bring creative teaching method and deliver the information of various countries, cultures and languages. It will be a very unique experience to volunteers who are interested in sharing your personal background/knowledge and learning the unique education system.

About the volunteer work- Teaching some subject to students in English - Participating classes with students: Gardening, arts etc. - Joining outdoor activities with students: hiking or cycling.

Local accommodationAccommodation: A Shared room with other volunteers in the school dormitory Food: Provided meal in school cafeteria

About the project locationLocation: YoungCheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. It takes 3 hours from Seoul by express bus Leisure: Enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery

Extra info about the project1) Essential qualification - Those who have teaching experience or are interested in teaching. (Especially with non-formal methods) - Those who are interested in teenagers and socialized with them. 2) Preferred qualification - Apart from school schedule, you need to be independent to manage your own free time.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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