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Drapeau de AllemagneAllemagne: Conservation work at the edge of the big city – Hamburg-Fischbek
Date: du 2017-08-12 à 2017-09-02
Code de projet: DE-IJGD-ijgd 17220
Type de projet: Projet reserve aux adolescents (16-18 ans),Projet environnemental
Descriptions :

About the volunteer workTaking care of the countryside in nice surroundings and sightseeing in the big city! Both of these Elbinsel Neßsand r things can be experienced in this workcamp on the edge of the metropolis that is Hamburg. You'll be working daily in the Fischbeker Heide, a huge conservation area in south-west Hamburg (around 770 hectares). In order to maintain the heathland, regionally foreign plants, mainly pines, must be removed. This “Entkusselung” serves above all to preserve the area for the particular animal species that live in the heathland – for example of 200 endangered insect species. To keep the work varied, you'll also travel by boat to the Elbe island of Neßsand and clear away rubbish from the conservation area in the river. This is a great opportunity to get to know the river Elbe from a completely new perspective. Besides this, you can try out some manual work by mending ponds and pools in the Fischbeker Heide. The pools create and maintain a habitat for the endangered natterjack toads in the area. More information (only available in German) on the Fischbeker Heide here:

Local accommodationYou'll be staying in a cosy, simply furnished seminar house on the grounds of the Fischbek conservation centre. You'll prepare and cook your own meals together in groups.

About the project locationThe conservation centre at Fischbeker Heide lies 45 minutes (with bus and train) from the centre of Hamburg. In your free time you can go on a trip to the second largest city in Germany, where a myriad of free time opportunities away you. At the weekends, it's worth taking a trip to the beaches by the Nordsee and Ostsee coasts.

RequirementsYou'll need to be fit as the work is physically demanding.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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