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Drapeau de ItalieItalie: Parco Più and Bonoris Castle
Date: du 2017-07-10 à 2017-07-23
Code de projet: IT-CG-CG01
Type de projet: Projet environnemental,Travail manuel
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationLa Vela is a social cooperative funded in 1984 that promotes services inspired by fundamental values of development of a culture of solidarity and civil responsibility, the promotion of active citizenship and integration with the territory: LA VELA keeps exchange with the local context through a methdology of community development; it is essential that within the territory of each action (adults, young people, families, associations, institutions, schools, recreation centers, educational services) to feel an active subject of its own evolutionary path. The projects are built in collaboration with the local community and aimed at enhancing the resources of the individual contexts in a process of social empowerment. The projects refer to the following Areas: 1. Children: cooperative runs services in support of the family organization such as nurseries and play areas, also offers training courses for parents. 2. Children and families: the cooperative works with social services to support children and families in need, such as: home care service for children, group homes for adolescents, family mediation services, projects dedicated to minors families offering hospitality, management of apartments for young adults without family networks; 3. Animation and prevention: the cooperative proposes interventions in community settings (schools, youth groups, associations ..) with the goal of animation, aggregation leisure, prevention on particular topics (consumption of drugs, sexuality , youth leadership ...) 4. Elderly: La Vela develops services for disabled adults and the elderly in difficult situations with the aim of protecting and promoting the best work conditions. The cooperative manages home care services, centers that offer recreational and cultural activities to facilitate the meeting between the elderly. 5. Europe Area: is a new area created in collaboration with the cooperative Graffio that, since 2006, deals with the “Youth in Action Program”. The Cooperative La Vela has incorporated Graffio’s “know how” that, in addition to the implementation of Actions 1.1, 1.3, and 4.3, has took part in a Comenius Project (Life Long Learning Program) and organizes International Workcamps (to promote international volunteering) since 2011 in collaboration with other Italian associations. 6. Training and consulting service: the cooperative offers advice to municipal administrations, cooperatives, public and private agencies, and voluntary associations.

About the volunteer workThe camp will be splitted in two, and will take place in two different locations, one per week.  The first one will be at Parco Più, a park close to an ice cream parlor, full of children and young people during summer, also because of “Officina nel Parco”, a project with educational and recreational activities for young people and their families. Volunteers will work at keeping the park clean and cozy (e.g. picking up rubbish, painting benches, etc.) and take an active part in Officina nel Parco project. You can also be involved in the plantation of some aromatic plants together with some asylum seekers and people who work in community gardens.  The second part is run in partnership with the Municipality of Montichiari and with Montichiarimusei, the project includes some tasks of maintenance of the park around the Bonoris Castle (cleaning and cutting the lawn) and the Italian garden inside the walls of the Castle. Volunteers will also take care of the interior spaces of the Castle cleaning the floor, dusting and fixing broken stuff. The Castel was built in XIX century even if the first testament about a fortified building on the hill of San Pancrazio dates back to 1107 when Montichiari was the centre of the rural feud belonging to Longhi Counts. You can enter the castle passing through a main lift bridge between two towers. On the front side of the castle there are some frescoes with the emblem of Montichiari and of its patron, San Pancrazio. Inside the castle there are big rooms completely frescoed by Giuseppe Rollini from 1898 to 1900. The private chapel and the baronial room are particularly well done. Furniture are ancient and alla round the castle there is a huge park with unique trees and flowers. After being abandoned and improperly used, in 1996 the Muniipality of Montichiari bought Bonors Castle to save it.

Local accommodationDuring the first week the volunteers will be hosted by the Parishes in Calcinato, equipped with camping beds. Volunteers must bring their own sleepig bag. In the second week the volunteers will be hosted by Maria Immacolata Parish, in a building in the centre of Montichiari. There will be separated rooms for males and females with camping beds. Volunteers will use their own sleepig bag. Volunteers wil prepare breakfast by themselves, divided in shifts. At lunch, they will be hosted by some local canteens while at dinner they will be hosted by some local associations or local restaurants

About the project locationCalcinato is a village of 12,915 inhabitants. It covers over 33 square kilometers (level and hilly ground). It adjoins in the North with Mazzano and Bedizzole, in the South-East with Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the South with Montichiari and in the West with Castenedolo. River Chiese passes through Calcinato. Parco Più is in the central area of Calcinato, an area full of parks, reachable on foot. There are a lot of services, supermarkets and pubs. During the summer local associations organize festivals. Near Calcinato there are swimming pools and aquatic parks. It takes about 40 minutes by bus to reach Gardaland amusement park. Not far from Calcinato there are also Garda Lake and Brescia. Verona, Venezia, Mantova, Bergamo, Iseo Lake and some mountains places (Capo di Ponte, Bagolino, Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio etc.) are easily reachable too. in Montichiari there is an Olympic swimming pool a few steps away, tennis courts, paths along the river (called Chiese) to walk and relax. During summer nights in the city squares there are exhibitions (plays) and there are several bars and restaurants with local or international food. From Montichiari you can easily reach Garda Lake, Brescia, Mantova and Verona using public transports.

Extra info about the projectVolunteers have to bring their sleeping bag. Comfortable clothes are requested to work in the park. Long trousers and sneakers are necessary for the second week of work. Remember to bring your swimsuits to go to the swimming pool or to the lake (for the lake you need also slippers or bath shoes).

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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