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Volunteer projects in Belgium, France and Vietnam (Non profit organization)

Friday 25th May 2018

Exciting news:
We have a new project!

Discover the legend of LaSemo

Come help the construction crews and make it a reality.
LaSemo is a multidisciplinary festival that takes place every year in the beginning of July in the Enghien park, in Belgium. It mixes music, theatre, circus, street art, tales, food, games, artisans, cinema. What else could you ask for?
The concept of the festival is to be organic and eco-responsible. They aim to protect the environment by using reusable cups, dry toilets, reducing waste, etc.


Don’t hesitate to send us your applications for our other short-term projects ! Come to become a part of a team, meet people from all around the world, discover a new culture and enjoy some amazing music and food.

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For these projects, please contact directly our partner SJ Vietnam at incoming@sjvietnam.org