Youth exchanges

Partir en Europe et promouvoir l'échange

A youth exchange is an intercultural meeting of young people (between 13 and 30 years old) that brings together young people from at least two countries of the Erasmus+/ Youth in Action programme or from a neighbouring country of the EU around a project developed and implemented jointly: by working together, young people get to know each other, discover their similarities and differences and exchange on issues that interest them. Cultural diversity, environment, information, health, solidarity, the fight against exclusion, sport… the project is built around a common theme and generally leads to a concrete production: theatre, video, exhibition, collective creation… Young people must be actively involved in the different stages of the project: preparation, implementation and evaluation.


Youth exchanges are also possible with other non-European countries under certain conditions, in which case the project must involve at least 3 partners from different countries, including at least one programme country and one eligible partner country.

Projects last on average between 6 and 21 days (travelling days included). The whole project is financially supported by the European Commission (accommodation and food, 70% of travel). The financial dimension should therefore not be an obstacle: curiosity and interest is the only prerequisite for participation.

One of the objectives of SVI is to allow all young people between 13 and 30 years old to take part in an intercultural meeting and to live their European citizenship.

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