Macao (pinyin Aoman in Chinese, but also informally known as as 澳門 in Portuguese Macau) is a region wih a special administration of People’s Republic of China. The territory is located in the south of the country, 64 km west of Hong Kong. Macao is bordered to the north by the province of Guangdong, and in the south by the South China Sea. The total aera of the territory is only 29.5 km².

The territory has three small islands linked by bridges : Macao, Taipa and Coloane. Macao’s city is the capital of the territory.

The name Macao is pronounced in French [ma-ka-o] but in Portuguese, Macau is pronounced [ma-ka-ou] and in English [ma-kaw]. The territory of Macao is a city-State that mainly lives of gambling tourism. Many casinos make it the world’s largest gambling area, even before the famous Las Vegas in the United States. Therefore, Macao is the richest territory of Asia per inhabitants.

Macao is cheaper than Hong Kong for accommodation, food, transports and purchases (even if it does not offer the same choice as its neighbor).

Basic products Prices in Euros / Patacas of Macao
0,33L of water (botel) 0,36 € / 6 MOP
1 meal 5,55€ / 50 MOP
1 bus ticket 0,65 € / 3,2 MOP

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In Macau, the proximity of the sea makes of the place a paradise for seafood lovers: crabs, shrimps, shellfish, crustaceans, mandarin fish (guiyu), eel fry that are sautéed with garlic… The locals also appreciate vegetables, bamboo shoots, soya sprouts, lotus roots cut into rings, cultivated (scented) or wild (black) mushrooms, cabbage (cai), squash (gua) and many other wonders, each more delicious than the next.

Vaccins et conseils spécifiques:

Renseignez-vous sur les vaccins recommandés pour le pays et les mesures de prévention et/ou de traitement des maladies sur place.

Conseils aux voyageurs partant en Macao de l’institut Pasteur de Lille

Checklist :

  • Mise à jour des vaccins, vaccinations spécifiques pour le pays: 1-3 mois avant de partir
  • Rendez visite à votre médecin traitant ou spécialiste pour tout problème de santé, renouvellement d’ordonnances médicales, contraception, pour avoir un stock initial suffisant de médicaments, adaptation des dosages. De plus, vous aurez besoin de transmettre à votre coordinateur une attestation de votre médecin certifiant que vous êtes bien apte à participer à un projet de volontariat international
  • Dentiste: un contrôle dentaire peut être utile avant de partir !

We recommend you to visit the mentioned below websites to consult the travel advice :

Advice to travelers coming from Canada :

Advice to travelers coming from the UK :

Advice to travelers coming from the USA :

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A visa is not required for stays of fewer than 30 days. For longer stays, you must apply for an extension of stay, which must be approved by the Immigration Department of the Macao SAR.

People travelling to mainland China via Hong Kong must obtain a Chinese visa before arrival. Travellers entering Macao from mainland China and then leaving Macao via the mainland should have a Chinese visa for that re-entry.

Embassy of Macau in the USA :

Address: 2300 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Phone: 1-202-328-2500
Fax: 1-202-328-2582
Email: [email protected]

Embassy if Macau in the UK :

British Honorary Consulate in Macau, Macau
P. O. Box No. 1148

TELEPHONE (+853) 6850 886

FAX (+853) 2881 0222

EMAIL [email protected]

Embassy of Macao in Canada :

515 St.Patrick Street



Email [email protected]

Website URL

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