Combining language learning and volunteering

Séjours linguistiques solidaires

There is nothing like the immersion in a project – a real one – to learn a language, at a speed you don’t even suspect. Of course, it is not on a bench, with grammar and conjugation, but it is where we dare, where we go for it, because we have to speak in order to be understood. It’s crazy how fast it goes !

On an international volunteering project, you will be immersed in a new environment et will have to communicate regularly in a different language. However, keep in mind that international volunteering is not a language stay with grammar lessons. It is a unique opportunity to practice languages with other volunteers on the project and with locals.

Even though English is in general the common language on workcamps, speaking the local language or knowing some basics will help you appreciate the culture and local population during your project. That is why some of our partners offer the possibility to have some language lessons after project hours, in the form of conversations and exchange with students who are learning French. Other partners offer the possibility to follow language courses before our after the project. In general, prices go from 80 to 400 euros for 2 weeks, depending on the country and the host association.

Be careful, don’t forget that the SVI is not a language school: it’s much more! At SVI, you will not sit down to listen to a language teacher with other francophones: you will practice a language, experience a culture, meet other international volunteers and above all make yourself useful. And because SVI is not a language travel agency with exorbitant prices, we want to make this experience accessible to everyone, really to everyone!

Come practice a language on a volunteering project ! It’s an excellent idea, but don’t forget : you should be motivated by the project before anything else !