Community life

Les activités de la vie associative

What is meant by SVI’s community life?

Community life is composed of all the activities proposed by the SVI to its members. That’s right! Our members have the opportunity to participate in many different local activities with other international volunteersand to give new ideas and suggestions !

In concrete terms, this means:

  • Every member can take part in as many volunteering projects as they wish for five years from the starting date of their membership.
  • They can participate in many activities organised for, or sometimes by, the members.
  • Everyone can suggest new ideas for local or international projects
  • or become international work camp leaders in Belgium or France
  • They can become members of SVI’s General Assembly which takes place once or twice a year in our offices.
  • They can also be invited to become members of the Board of directors (They should first be members of the General Assembly)
  • And finally they can help our team by putting up posters and promoting international volunteering during festivals or on university campuses.

Next planned activity: kayaking down the Lesse River on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Activity location: Han sur Lesse


The activities organised for our members take place over the course of six months six months. The first term of community life is dedicated to volunteers meeting each other during sport or social activities. The second term will be dedicated to the realisation of projects.

Here is a calendar of the activities planned for the next term: