A solidarity school travel

A major educational project for your classroom. You are a teacher, so you can introduce your classroom to a volunteer project. It is a path to responsible citizenship and solidarity, to be lead together – by teachers and Youth Organizations.

Each project is carefully selected to ensure the safety of our volunteers.

A solidarity-based school trip involves:

Specific educational objectives for the volunteer trip:

  • Involvement and participation in a local workcamp or project;
  • Meeting and sharing daily life in another culture;
  • Discovering project management (before the trip);
  • Putting language skills into practice;
  • Discovering or deepen historical, cultural, social, or intercultural notions.

An organization that gives meaning to teaching and full student involvement:

  • Working together on a project throughout the year;
  • Team time management, from the choice of project to the departure and testimonials of the experience;
  • Parallelism of the school program and all elements of the trip.

A hand-in-hand journey among teachers, parents, students, and SVI

Information sessions are organized in schools to present the different options, parents are welcomed.

Trainings-days are also organized. They are days or half-days organized to prepare teenagers and teachers for their volunteering project. This is an opportunity to discuss administrative, practical, linguistic, and intercultural aspects, all in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

Practical assistance is provided in registration formalities, administrative and financial procedures, and logistical organization.

Why choosing SVI?

  • SVI is a youth organization that promotes the right to responsible and supportive civic education for everyone.
  • SVI fights for a more just, peaceful, and united society by raising awareness and involving young people in volunteer and international solidarity projects.
  • By participating in an SVI project, all young people and teachers become members of SVI for 5 years, giving them the opportunity to go back on their own or in a group and to take part in its associative life In Belgium, SVI propose activities like parties, trips, visits, meetings, etc.