Group projects

Comment partir en groupe en volontariat international ?

The SVI offers international workcamps designed for groups : scouts, youth centres, schools and youth associations. These projects aim to enable a group of young people to prepare themselves, to mobilize together for a project of collective utility abroad and to experience an intercultural encounter.

It is possible to go to Armenia, Estonia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Iceland, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Vietnam, etc. All our collective projects are exclusively custom-made for and with the group. That’s why it is important to proceed in advance in order to have time to prepare the project and to inform participants (the group of volunteers and the host organization).

You are in charge of a group, a youth movement, a youth centre, a school or a sports club and you want to :

  • Offer an international experience of stimulating solidarity commitment to the young people you’re in charge of;
  • Enhance the commitment of young people and encourage the exercise of local and international citizenship;
  • Motivate and weld a group of young people and their attendants around a common volunteer project;
  • Create an out-of-school environment conducive to language learning;
  • Through the international volunteering project, set up a preparation of young people as part of an active and committed citizenship process;
  • Make people want to discover other cultures and ways of living;
  • Set up partnerships with peer associations abroad;
  • Develop collective skills : group life, team work, responsibility, initiative, adaptation, conflict management