How much time should you leave?

Combien de temps partir en volontariat international ?

Depending on the time you have on your hands, it is possible to engage in a volunteer workcamp for a short period (maximum 15 days) or on a permanent project for a longer period (from 1 to several months)

  • Workcamps or short-term projects :

These projects last in general one to two weeks, depending on the type of project. It is a great choice as a first international volunteering experience. In general, the volunteer joins a group of about 10 other local and international volunteers from all around the world. Several of these projects are reserved for youths from the age of 16 years old.

  • Permanent projects or long-term projects :

These projects are available all year round. We are no longer talking about a group of volunteers, even if other local and international volunteers will certainly be present on the project. The tasks assigned to volunteers are often more complex and proactive involvement is essential. Before deciding to take part in a long-term project, you should be ready to live in community for one or several months in living conditions that are sometimes very different from yours. The volunteers have to decide the start and end dates of their project, in agreement with the host organisation and the SVI.

In general, the projects last from one month to one year. However, we advise you not to be too ambitious. Commit first for a medium-term period (for example 3 months), and it will still be possible to extend your project while you are at it.

You have the possibility of filtering the projects available on our database according to the duration of your project.