Group fees

To take part in an international volunteer project, your group has to adhere to the SVI and its values, which means it has to become member of the SVI.

What are the membership fees ?

The membership fee (80€ per person) is what allows us to exist as an association. This allows us to continue to support you in the daily management of « group » projects before, during and after your project.

They include the preparation of the project between your group, the local association and us as well as the pre-departure weekend, organized by the SVI. The membership fee is due one month maximum after receiving an acceptance email from us.

This fee is valid for 10 months, which means that after your project, every member can volunteer again, alone or with others, anywhere in the world, one or several times without having to pay this fee again.

What are the participation fees ?

Our local partners often have few resources, which means they can’t fully support the volunteer. That’s why they sometimes ask financial contribution to the volunteer, which includes : accommodation, food, material, management, financial support for the project and for the local association.

The participation fee varies according to the partner. In general, participation fees are non-existent or minimal in European countries. When participation fees are required, they range from 50€ to 200€ per project per person.

Groups are asked to pay the full cost of participation to the SVI one to two months before departure. We take care of sending it to the host association and are responsible for the bank charges.

Travel fees

You should know that these projects are self-financed, and that the volunteer has to pay for transport, visas, vaccines, insurance, etc. In general, it is the biggest part of the budget. You should also think about the pocket monet you want to take with you (excursions, souvenirs, walks, etc.).


If your project takes place in Europe, don’t forget to ask for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at least two weeks before departure.

This card is issued for free and on request. A provisional card can be issued if your departure is imminent. However, if your project is outside Europe, you must take out an assistance and repatriation insurance !

The SVI gives you the possibility to take out an insurance with one of our partners (Assur-Travel). You can also take out an insurance on your part and send us the evidence with your confirmation file.