Gap year

Time off and gap year

A gap year, a way of revitalizing yourself.

Going away for a few months or a year after your final year of high school or an extracurricular trip means taking a year off for yourself, getting away from the traditional route and living a different, supportive experience abroad through an associative project.

A gap year is a real opportunity for personal development.

SVI gives you the chance to live an enriching human experience by taking an active part in an international volunteering project, a European Solidarity Corps project, or a civic service abroad.

You would like to go to Russia or Mexico, but you don’t speak the language? Don’t worry, we can organize training days for you when you arrive!

You have a low budget? Don’t hold back. We offer you custom-made solutions! Your projects can be subsidized if your destination remains in Europe or in a partner country. To give you an idea, with €80, you can already spend a year in Europe (including accommodation and food)! An offer very far from sabbatical year offers made by travel agencies specializing in sabbaticals!

If you have questions or are worried, do not hesitate to contact SVI! We provide support before, during and after your stay. From setting up your project to bringing it to its realization, and by communicating your feelings on your return, we will make sure that every stage of your project is supported.

And then? We don’t stop there. You will become a member of our association. Your membership, valid for 5 years regardless of the project you choose, will enable you to go back, take part in all the activities and workshops organized by our association, and experience so much more.

Much more than just a holiday, we are offering you a project that will enable you to position yourself as a responsible player in the community.

Through an international volunteering project, you will have the opportunity to address some points that can only benefit your future career:

  1. Improve your language skills;
  2. Be more open-minded, get to know yourself by adapting to another culture;
  3. Take the time to find your own path and figure out what you want to do, or don’t want to do;
  4. Meet other young local and international volunteers;
  5. And above all, make yourself useful to an association and a project that you have freely chosen from among our 2,000 projects in over 70 countries!