Exceptional trainings

Training and tools to commit oneself


Joining us means commitment… Committing means becoming an active player in society… To become an active player in the society, you need to be equipped!

That’s why, throughout the year, the SVI offers a series of modules on current concerns.  Our amazing trainers will lead the modules and encourage debate between the participants thanks  to different creative workshops. Judgment is banished here, while trust and tolerance are our core values. Everybody must be able to express their ideas and experiences freely.


During these citizenship training sessions we thoroughly discuss issues that are important to us: 

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The analysis and deconstruction of hate speech
  • What responsible and engaged citizenship means
  • Ethical consumerism
  • Social networks, media
  • Europe
  • Justice

HOW? Thanks to Educational activities, get-togethers and trips that will allow us to dive into the heart of these topics and then enable us to undertake several activities: 

  • Film projections and debates
  • Conferences
  • Meetings in schools
  • Compaigns aimed at spreading your message…

WHEN’S THE BEST TIME TO START TALKING ABOUT IT? STRAIGHT AWAY! During our training weekends , our online trainings, our civic and citizenship trainings and also during our Return weekends.

The training weekends are the opportunity for us to meet you again, to listen to the story of your adventures across the world. It is also the opportunity to think about the future and your projects, your needs, your expectations and how we can build them up.