Volunteering and Languages? Et voilà!

Languages are the Roots of Intercultural Communication


It had been in the back of several people’s mind for quite a while. The gateway to the world of volunteering may be language learning. That is why the SVI has set up projects that are all-in-one but respect the SVI’s values of commitment. Projects that have meaning!

Our Youth Organisation is, more than ever, reinventing itself! Young people always change their mind, don’t they? And because of our activities are always geared towards them, many young people (who consider that language learning is one of the main goals of international mobility) have already called on the SVI.

HELLO? We’d like to speak with our partners, please.

That is why we naturally phoned up some of our partners across the world and asked them to join us on this new project. “Hello? Is it possible for you, within your volunteering projects, to offer language courses or sessions dedicated to learning a specific language?”

And here we go! It’s still the beginning, but it’s already available! We have quickly received several projects that we will progressively put online.
What makes these projects and this new approach unique is the fact that the SVI enables much more than just international mobility and language learning: it enables you to meet other people who are passionate about travelling, languages and volunteering. Yay!