https://www.servicevolontaire.org/mission-volontariat/wp-adminSVI is happy to announce that we joined the network of Asian associations NVDA. NVDA was founded in 1997 and is composed of 30 NGOs in 20 different countries all over Asia and Oceania.

This network of international voluntary service NGOs aims to promote peace and sustainable development, and to improve environmental conditions, promote social welfare, aid educational development, fight poverty and promote various cultures in Asia and world-wide. In 2015, 14,155 people volunteered with NVDA’s member organisation, and almost 2000 projects were organized.

SVI has strong roots in Asia through SJ Vietnam, which is a member of the NVDA, and has been collaborating for a number of years. This membership will have positive benefits for SVI, NVDA, and for the local people of various Asian, Oceanic and European countries. This union will promote intercultural friendship, understanding and solidarity among international volunteers and the locals living in these countries. SVI.

Thanks to this network, SVI will have the opportunity to better evaluate activities and projects with its partners and thereby ensuring better volunteer experience and maintaining adherence to our core values.