Located between Asia and Europe, the Republic of Turkey has a lot of borders with other countries like Greece and Armenia. At the crossroads of many paths, this country has a cultural richness very diverse. Located at 97% on the Asian territory, Turkey has its capital there, Ankara. Byzance and Constantinople were the first names of the biggest city : Istanbul.

The Turkish landscape is composed of two mountain ranges and different plateau. It is also important to know that the country is at 80% on a tectonic area. The climate is Mediterranean : mild winter, hot and dry summer.

Life in Turkey remains less expensive than in Europe even if the differences between prices are less and less noteworthy. Here is a few examples of prices :

Basic products Prices in Euros / Turkish lira
1L of water (botel) 0,3 € / 1 TRY
1 meal (2 dishes) 4,5 € / 15 TRY
1 bus ticket 0,7 € / 2,3 TRY

The meeting between Turkish people and their culture with that of populations who where on the path of their migration from central Asia to West brought a cultural diversity. After the opening of television channels, pop music exploded in 1990. Turkish gastronomy is one of the richest in the world, yoghurt and vufka are the base of Baklava. We can also eat meze, kebabs, dolmas, çupra, etc.

Vaccine and specific advice :

Find out what vaccines are recommended for the country and what are the diseases preventive and/or treatment measures on site.

Checklist :

Vaccine renewal, country-specific vaccinations: 1-3 months before leaving

Visit your doctor or specialist for any health problem, repeat of medical prescriptions, contraception, to have a sufficient initial stock of drugs, adjustment of dosages. Moreover, you will need to send your coordinator a certificate from your doctor certifying that you are well able to participate in an international volunteer project.

Dentist: a dental check-up can be useful before you leave !

Our partner GENÇTUR is NGO founded in 1979 that aims to promote relationships between the Turkish youth and the young people from other countries, and to develop the intercultural comprehension through its activities.

Our partner GSM is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization that was founded in 1985 in Ankara by young people. Since its first day, the organization established several projects of national and international young people. The organization is a pioneer in the field of youth labor in Turkey. Its main objectives are to encourage comprehension, peace, friendship and the intercultural discover between young people for all horizons in order to give them a space to share their experience and their cultural richness.

With regard to obtaining a visa and entry requirements, we invite you to contact the embassy in question :

Embassy of Turkey in the UK : 

43 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8PA
United Kingdom
TELEPHONE (+44) 20 7393 0202
FAX (+44) 20 7393 0066
(+44) 20 7393 9213
EMAIL [email protected]

WEBSITE www.london.emb.mfa.gov.tr

Embassy of Turkey in the USA :

2525 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
United States
TELEPHONE (+1) 202 612 6700
FAX (+1) 202 612 6744
EMAIL [email protected]

WEBSITE www.turkishembassy.org

Embassy of Turkey in Canada : 

197 Wurtemburg Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 8L9
TELEPHONE (+1) (613) 244 24 70
FAX (+1) (613) 789 34 42
EMAIL [email protected]

WEBSITE ottava.be.mfa.gov.tr


List of projects available in Turkey