Hong Kong

Hong Kong, litterally : « fragrant harbor », and officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is the biggest and most populated of the two special administrative regions (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the other one being Macao. It has approximately 7 million inhabitants, called Hongkongers.

Hong Kong is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River, on the south coast of China and is bathed by the South China Sea. It borders Guangdong province in the north. Hong Kong is the richest city in China; its economy is one of the most liberal in the world. It is a world-class financial and commercial centre.

A British colony since the Treaty of Nanking (1842), returned to China in 1997, Hong Kong remains fundamentally different from the rest of the People’s Republic of China. A particular fundamental law determines its political system. It is based on the principle « one country, two systems », which allows Hong Kong to keep its legal system, its currency, its political system, its international sports teams and its law on immigration. Under the terms of the joint Sino-British declaration, China promised that Hong Kong would retain relative autonomy until at least 2047, 50 years after the transfer of sovereignty.

Cost of living

Basic products Price in Euros and Hong Kong Dollar
1L of water (bottle) 0,77€ / 6,6 HKD
1 meal (2 dishes) 5,74€ / 50 HKD
1 bus ticket 1,15€ / 10 HKD

The city has 20.500 British residents (they were 25.500 in 1996). The majority of them is composed of expatriates employed by multinationals or business owners who live there with their family. Since the ceding, streets have kept their double name, in English and in Cantonese.

Vaccines and specific advice:

Find out about the vaccines you should make before going to this country and about the preventive and/or treatment measures for local diseases.

Checklist :

  • Vaccine updates, specific vaccines: 1-3 months before departure
  • Visit your doctor for any health problem, prescription renewal, contraception, etc. In addition, you will need to send your coordinator a certificate from your doctor certifying that you are well suited to take part in an international volunteering project.
  • Dentist: a dental check-up can be useful before going!

We advise you to visit the website of your country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to consult the advice for every country.

Advice for American travellers here

Advice for Canadian travellers here

Advice for English travellers here

Hong Kong (SAR of China) travel advice (October 8, 2018)

Latest update: Summary – revised guidance on sources of health information before travel

Our local partner, Voltra, is an NGO that was created in 2009. Its objective is to promote international volunteering in Hong Kong through a network of organizations that set up international workcamps. Voltra, with other partners, organizes more than 3000 international workcamps and volunteering projects every year, in more than 100 countries. The NGO also organizes international workcamps in Hong Kong, both for local and foreign volunteers who want to volunteer and take part in cultural exchange activities.


If you are American or Canadian, you don’t need an entry visa for a duration inferior to 90 days. If you are British, you don’t need and entry visa for a duration inferior to 180 days. Feel free to contact your embassy for more information.

For a longer stay, we advise you to check the exact information with the embassy concerned in order to be informed about any changes or requirements.

  • Embassy of Hong Kong in the UK

49-51 Portland Place
United Kingdom


Email [email protected]

Website URL www.chinese-embassy.org.uk

  • Embassy of Hong Kong in the USA

3505 International Place, N.W.
D.C. 20008
United States


Email [email protected]

Website URL http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/

  • Embassy of Hong Kong in Canada

515 St. Patrick Street
ON K1N 5H3

Phone +613-7893434


Email [email protected]

Website URL http://ca.chineseembassy.org/chn/

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