Volunteer thematics

According to the social objective of the associations that host you, a volunteer project can take different forms. It can range from the renovation of a mill in Estonia to turtle protection in Mexico and an animation project in Madagascar.

What is the common thread between all these projects ? They are all set up by strictly non-profit local associations whose members believe in what they do. You don’t need any special skills to join them but you need to ask yourself the right questions before engaging. Can I leave on an animation project in Thailand if I don’t speak English really well ? Or could I go on a renovation project in the Ecuadorian jungle if I can’t stand tropical heat ?

Here is an overview of the different projects you can find on our website :

  • Environmental : heritage preservation, wildlife and floral conservation, eco-volunteering, tree planting, action to raise awareness among the local population, etc.
  • Social : solidarity actions, support to the population, facilities renovation, awareness raising, etc.
  • Cultural : music festivals, arts festivals, archaelogical excavations, language lessons, movie festivals, thematic meetings, etc.
  • Animation : animation in different schools, social centers, orphanages, school support, working with street children, etc.
  • Animals : help in different animal sanctuaries, shelters, natural reserves, turtle protection, etc.
  • Health : awareness projects (be careful, you will NEVER perform medical procedures)
  • SVE : going in Europe on a volunteer project financed by the European Commission, it’s also possible with SVI. These projects are also included in our database.

Just like the duration of the project, you can filter the available projects by themes on our search engine, by choosing the « type of project » you want to join. In order to broaden your search, you can select more than one project type in a single search.