When should you leave for your volunteer project?

Les bonnes dates pour partir en volontariat international

It’s possible to take part in a volunteer project abroad throughout the year, depending on the number of places available. On average, we have 600 projects open every month for a total of 2000 projects over the year.

School holidays are the period with the largest number of projects available, but it is also the period when demand is the highest. For a departure in July or August, it is preferable to start the process between March and May, to make sure all the chances of finding a project are on your side. If you have more flexibility in terms of dates, you should favor projects that take place outside school holidays, which will also allow you to have more attractive fares for your flight ticket.

Note that it is also possible to leave in winter: why not go to the construction site at Christmas in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, for example? When you are a member of the SVI, it is also possible to work on several projects during the year, in different countries.

For a departure outside Europe, we ask you to start the steps at least 2 months before departure, in order to be able to prepare your arrival on the project as well as possible  and to have the possibility of attending our weekend of preparation.