FASI member

Since 2014, SVI Belgium has been an official member of the non-profit association FASI (Federation of International Solidarity Associations). The members have the desire to express collectively their will to:

  • Make known and recognize associations for international solidarity (ASI) as actors in international and development cooperation by the Belgian, European and international authorities and to defend their common interests;
  • Reinforce capacities of ASI (Associations for International Solidarity):
    1. Making easier the access to information and to training about solidarity and international cooperation for development
    2. Contributing to respect ethical values by its members
    3. Reinforcing public and private financial access for members
  • Promote synergies and partnerships between ASI and other categories of actors involved in international cooperation.

Federation of International Solidarity Associations’ Members

Characteristics defining the members:

  • Their principal purpose is the international solidarity, which includes international development cooperation and/or education for development
  • They benefit from the official non-profit organization status, sometimes even international non-profit association, or foundation and possess a head office in Belgium
  • They create and maintain tight links with several international partners and defend solidarity values in relation to international citizenships
  • They promote social change in favor of cutting down inequalities and protecting the environment, with the aim of satisfying basic needs as health, access to drinking water, food sovereignty, education, decent employment, gender equality, environmental protection, abolition of any kind of abuse and discrimination while supporting local struggles and resistances for sustainable social and environmental justice.

Members’ associations

1 A.C.P. Développement www.acpasbl.blogspot.be
2 A.D.I.- Aide au Développement International www.asbl-adi.org
3 AEJA – Association d’entraide des jeunes d’Anoual
4 Alter Afrique ( anc. Kasumaye Casamance) www.alterafrique.org
5 Altervoyages www.altervoyages.org
6 Association Belgique – Djibouti
7 ATS Belgique www.ats-belgique.org
8 Collaboration Sans Frontière www.csf-burkina.jimdo@com
9 Ctalib – Africa 2000 www.ctalib-africa2000.org
10 Fourmis.terre www.herb.be/formis.terre
11 Fraternité Saint-Paul pour l’aide au développement www.creditsud.org
12 IBIREZI VY’UBURUNDI www.burundaisdebelgique.be
13 ICRA – Commission internationale pour les droits des peuples indigènes www.icrainternational.org
14 IDAY International www.iday.org
15 Information, formation et développement (INFODEV)
16 Jukayi www.jukayi.blogspot.be
17 Kabongoye
18 Le Maillon Humanitaire www.lemaillonhumanitaire.be
19 Le Rayon d’Espoir www.le-rayon-despoir.skynetblogs.be
20 Mabel du Désert www.mabeldudesert.org
21 Malem-Auder www.malem-auder.org
22 Masuwa www.asblmasuwa.skynetblogs.be
23 MATM – Mouvement d’Actions à Travers-Monde www.matm-belgique.org
24 MEDES asbl www.medesasbl.be
25 Menya Media International www.menya-media.org
26 Novinyo www.aliss.be/node/3450
27 O.V.R. – Organisation des Villages Roumains www.ovrf.free.fr/
28 P.A.D. – Pro-Action Développement www.proactiondev.org
29 Pierreuse et Ailleurs www.casanica.org
30 Santé Nord-Sud
31 Service Volontaire International (S.V.I.) www.servicevolontaire.org
32 SETM – Solidarité Etudiants Tiers-Monde www.setmweb.org
33 Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement (SOLIDEV)
34 SOLIMAMBE – Solidarité des Mamans Manianga
35 TEP Afrique www.vivre-ensemble.be/?Tep-Afrique
36 Theux/Saint-Michel www.theux-saint-michel.e-monsite.com
37 VVS/ADS – Vrienden van Sénégal/Les Amis du Sénégal www.everyoneweb.com/vriendenvansenegal
38 Zam-Med www.zam-med.be