France Volontaires partner

France Volontaires & le SVI

Through common values, actions and ambitions shared by France Volontaires and the SVI France concerning the promotion of international volunteer, both organisms signed a partnership agreement in June 2015, in Lille. In May 2017, SVI has begun its membership application aiming at becoming official member of France Volontaires.

The agreement signed in June 2015 is defining collaboration fields and implications of France Volontaires and SVI. It’s founded on 3 major goals, according to the general interest mission of France Volontaires and to the statutes of the SVI:


  • To encourage volunteers from the SVI to orientate themselves to “Espaces Volontariats”, in order to secure missions,
  • To promote cooperation links between host partnerships of the SVI and the “Espaces Volontariats”,
  • To share practices and reflections around issues linked to volunteering, driven by two structures (reciprocity, recognition of the commitments, etc.),
  • To work for a better understanding of the values and practices of each structure is considered as a transverse axis to these objectives.

France Volontaires

It consists of a French platform of volunteer commitments at international scale. It brings together public entities, associations and territorial collectivities around a mission of general interest: to promote, to valorize, to develop international voluntary commitments. Partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for Development, France Volontaires is also a founding member of the “Agence du Service Civique” and member of the Permanent Committee of European and International Youth Mobility.

The mission of this platform aims at answering related issues to the openness on the world by citizens, the expression of solidarity between individuals and territories, the affirmation of the place of volunteer commitments in public entities at local, national, European, international levels.

France Volontaires gives its support to actors in the establishment of quality voluntary missions. The platform priorities knowledges production and the advocacy to make recognize social utility of the volunteers. It’s ensuring forward-looking mission and observatory role.

“Espaces Volontariats”

France Volontaires is present in 25 countries, in Africa, Asia (including SJ Vietnam), America/Caribbean, Pacific through the network “Espaces Volontaires”, resources, information and support of international voluntary engagements centres.

These spaces are free and open to all voluntaries of the SVI and their purposes are to:

  • Inform and orientate volunteers,
  • Form and networking among volunteers,
  • Form and networking host associations for volunteers.