The Carnival of Granville

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The Carnival of Granville

The month of March rhymes with Mardi Gras, a widespread tradition in the world that we also like to celebrate in Europe. In Normandy (France), the weather is not as warm as in Louisiana, but the carnival is no less caliente

The Granville carnival is a tradition that goes back to more than a century. The first editions marked the departure for the great fisheries, which were carried out especially on the terre-neuvasboats. These expeditions were long and sometimes perilous. At the time, during the carnival, all these seafarers and their relatives prepared the departure towards the banks. They would stock up on gaiety and refrains in order to attenuate the pain and the fear of the separation or even the fear of not returning. Traditionally, the departure to Newfoundland or St. Pierre and Miquelon was around the first of March, a few days after carnival. By participating en masse in the festivities of the “jours gras”, the sailors of the great fishing industry contributed greatly to the success of the Granville carnival.

Nowadays, the carnival is the occasion for all the people of Granville to celebrate Mardi Gras for 5 days through festivities and costumed animations. At the beginning, as an official organization, it allowed the fundraising to fight against poverty in the city of Granville. Today, even if it still supports this cause, the numerous humorous floats and marching bands have found happiness in satire. Following those events, the carnival makes fun of local and national political figures.

Legend has it that for two years, a village populated by diehard Gauls has been resisting the invaders. 

Nowadays, the terres-neuvas and cod fishing are no longer relevant, but if you want to come and visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel, we strongly advise you to come at the time of the carnival to enjoy the good mood of Normandy and taste the whelks! In the meantime, we leave you with the chorus of the local anthem to pretend to be a native when you come next year !

“Aha ah ah Aha ah ah 

C’est la Granvillaise fleur de la falaise 

Aha ah ah 

C’est la granvillaise !”

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