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Drapeau de République de MoldavieRépublique de Moldavie: ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF HOMELESS ANIMALS
Date: Project Permanent
Code de projet: MD-ADVIT-MOL-15
Type de projet: Protection des animaux,Projet environnemental
Frais de participation au projet: 400 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationBrief description:Association for the Protection of Homeless Animals ALGA is a non-profit organization, created in 2006.The Association is run solely by volunteers, who are dedicating their time and money to helping thehomeless animals of the country.The work team consists of president of association, project assistant, a veterinarian, assisting workers andvolunteers. The number of dogs hosted by the association is up to 200, therefore the whole team is activelyengaged in the everyday activities in the shelter, that involves the physical work mostly.ALGA s objectives:- reducing the overpopulation of street animals by using human methods;- protecting street animals from the cruel and inhuman treatment;- creating necessary conditions for a good coexistence between people and animals;- education, by helping people to understand that there are other methods than killing dogs.Our current activities are:- introducing a moratorium on the killing of homeless animals;- adoption of a municipal program with the purpose of reducing the overpopulation of homeless animalsthrough sterilization/spraying as the only acceptable mean for population control;- withdrawal of all rights from the state enterprise Autosalubritatea (Garbage and sanitation), currentlyentrusted with dealing with the homeless animals and transfer the matter under the control of the VeterinaryDepartment;- creation of a centre for sterilization, vaccination and temporary hosting of homeless animals in Chisinau;- creation of a group of staff, such as specialists for catching homeless animals, vets, personnel for the careof animals etc;- isolation of animals, representing a threat for the society (such as aggressive dogs or dogs with infectiousdiseases);- adoption and implementation on a national level of a law on the protection of animals, including strict rulesfor animal possession;- creation of educational programmes for younger generation, to be thought in the schools of the country.- running the Casa Katharina - a private animal shelter/ rescue centre

About the volunteer workThe main task of volunteer is to work with homeless animals. This include the following activities:- to play and to communicate with dogs(under supervision of the professional animal caretaker);- to take them out for walks in the neighbor hood park area- to work together with an experienced animal caretaker and get functional help;- to clean and take care of the places where the animals stay;- to help in creating the places where the animals stay (putting the attributes on the right places) and makethis places ready for the animals;- to do fortification and does behavior observation on the animals;- to feed the animals;- to do small maintenance;- to help veterinary doctor;- to register animals and prepare reports on this.Working hours: 4-6 hours/day

Local accommodationAccommodation:There are different types of accommodation: A bedroom in the host family; A bedroom in a flat out side of the project where 2-6 volunteers live together.It depends on the availability of the places for the time of your application.Food: Volunteers receive food allowance

About the project locationAssociation for the Protection of Homeless animals ALGA is situated in the suburb area of the capital ofMoldova i Chisinau. Chisinau is the main administrative, economic, scientific and cultural centre ofMoldova. The city has just over 700,000 inhabitants and the whole metropolitan area is roughly one millioninhabitants. In terms of number of inhabitants, Chisinau is the largest city of the country. Chisinau isdivided in five administrative sectors; Botanica, Buiucani, Center, Ciocana and Riscani. It is often referredto as the greenest city in Europe due to the high proportion of well maintained green spaces.The volunteer will be provided with accomodation in the city of Chisinau and will have to travel to the hostingproject every day by local bus.

RequirementsVolunteer skills:To be motivated and to love animals;- Having experience with working in a NGO is welcomed, but not required. It would be good if volunteerwould have a small experience in being active in an NGO in his/her own country to show that the personreally wants to take part in exactly this project;- Having affinity and experience in the work with animals;- To be ready to do physical work in any weather conditions- To be ready to spend 4-6 hours per day in the shelter with dogs in any weather conditions- To be ready to work in the team where people speak a different language Additional Info:Check list iwhat you need to bring with you: Bed clothes and towels; Warm clothes and good, waterproof shoes in case of winter; Some information about your country: pictures, maps, books, coins, recipes, etc; Small gifts from your country to give to people in your host project. Duration: 1 (min.) to 12 (max.) weeks. Extra fee of 400 euro is for 4 weeks; each additional week is 100 euro.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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