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Drapeau de Sri LankaSri Lanka: SPIRITUAL NATURE FARM
Date: Permanent
Code de projet: LK-SNF-SNF
Type de projet: Projet agricole,Fouille archeologique,Projet culturel,Projet educatif,Projet environnemental,Travail manuel,Projet de renovation,Projet social
Frais de participation au projet: 170 EUR
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationWe are eco- friendly family farmers who are practicing a new farming called ‘Spiritual Nature Farm’. Why this SN farming is needed? Because we want to build our farm without any harm to nature. At the same time we want to make a place to bring people together by doing farming to build peace and reconciliation among them who have been affected by many difficulties because of inorganic conventional farming and other difficulties like poverty,lack of education, strife and malnutrition. Also if somebody like to do some meditation or Yoga we are willing to facilitate in our farm. We do not have any backgrounds,colours,race,language,hight and ethnics. Everybody are equally treated. And we live together by sharing with each other in one place as one nation. Our values - Protecting bio-diversity without using chemicals, being fair to the producer and consumer, being healthy to consume, resulting in a proper diet - Having a process of using natural resources in the environment - Trying to carry out indigenous farming as far as possible. - Limiting soil erosion to enhance soil conservation by protecting air, water, and nutrients of the soil, - Making Peace by gathering people from different social strata. - Creating a special relationship of respect among all living beings and materials. - Promoting peace through environment. Our vision ‘A path for spiritual development through natural farm.’ Our mission ‘Creating a process of using natural resources in the environment, with no harm, but with proper technical methods, with the support of indigenous farming, limiting soil erosion to enhance soil conservation by protecting air, water, nutrients of the soil, using all waste materials, protecting bio-diversity without using chemicals, being fair to the producer and consumer, being healthy to consume, resulting in a proper diet and creating a special relationship of respect among all living beings and materials as well.’ Our objectives 01 Maintaining the farm naturally and spiritually as a demonstration. 02 Providing local job opportunities. 03 Conducting a Education center and building the community centre with meditation cottage. 04 Helping students by giving school materials. 05 Organic Kitchen Garden. 06 Improving health in general, reducing lack of nutrition in the wider population, increasing the production of naturally nutritious food to fight poverty. 07 Reducing environment pollution (of soil, air, and water). 08 Making a place to build peace among people in Sri Lanka and world wide.

About the volunteer workIt is about the way of facing the Future Hunger with preservative food in sustainable way. In addition to this to achieve our objectives mentioned above, we are having a place to build a farm and community education center. Through this proposed project we hope to build the capacity, awareness and education of young farmers and children to improve their competence, commitment and environment sensitiveness to play as more Eco friendly farmers and childrens' role in guiding and strengthening them from early childhood. At present we are at the early stages of building our farm and education center. We need many supporters to grow vegetables and other crops and maintaning in these days like pepper,cinnomon, banana and ginger. Volunteers can help us : Cleaning Gardening Teaching school students Building a farm house and other small construction like cowshed, bio gas system, etc. Mainly they can share our knowledge making organic fertilizers, and other bio pesticide etc. In addition to that, those volunteers can choose a wide range of activities like music, art, painting, gardening, computer skills, shopping, cleaning, washing, swimming and teaching as well. Also if somebody like to do some meditation or Yoga we can facilitate. At the same time the volunteers who prefer to attend with children and help in construction work (houses for the poor,toilet,water wells) will be placed in the particular projects. We appreciate spending your valuable money and time for such noble work( it can be Matearial Or Finacial) you can discus with the people what they needed for the movement and diside. This is for community that will gain you merits.

Local accommodationAt present we have a house with 3 rooms, kitchen, drawing room, dining room and parlor. Water is pumping from the well. You are welcome for simple accommodation and food available with us. 6 volunteers can stay in one turn. If more volunteers prefer to come we can arrange our house for 12-15 people. Sleeping would generally be on the floor on mats. Males and females would not share the room as this would be frowned upon by the local community. Toilets are squatting type with are not geared to take in all the tissues that you may discard. If there isn't sufficient water to flush it is our advice to have a card board box or a pail to discard these items. Mosquitoes/ flies/ insects would like to make your acquaintance be prepared. But they are not harmful or dangerous. Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown and supplied from the farm to our kitchen.

About the project locationTo the east of Matale, Godapola Estate is located in the central province of Sri Lanka. The area which this farm belongs to is 1500 m above sea level. The temperature is between 18-33 0c.This is a mountainous area and can see many ranges of mountains around and waterfalls running from the foot of those mountains. And also they stand in prestige with king’s era of the last kingdom(kandy) of Ceylon. There are many historical places that our farm is closer by. One of the famous and historical place is “Matale Alu Viharaya” (Temple Alu Vihara). Our farm is very close to the “Riverston” as well. It offers great views all around with a mini world’s end, lot less travelled by main stream tourists. Climatic conditions here is about 18-220c which is very similar to Horton plains with the addition of having two great waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”. Another place called ‘Sembuwatta’ which is hardly famous among foreign tourists but of course gets their attraction as it is a lake situated amidst tea estates and ranges of mountains and bound with strange common falk. We are in a mountainous area and our place is located where it is sorrounded by ranges of mountains and natural water resources. But some of them are under threat due to the usage of chemicals in tea estates and paddy fields by farmers. Paddy fields in this area are cultivated terraced due to the hilly area. And also this area of Hill country is attracted by tourists for its natural beauty and bio-diversity.

RequirementsWe are looking for any volunteers who prefer to enguage in physical labour-soiling or ‘dirtying’ their hands and knees going beyond their dignity and self-image to take a shovel or a broom to scrap and help and share their knowledge and skills for above work. This does not mean that we expect hard work from volunteers. Mainly who like to do voluntering by teaching the students of 6 to 15 age. If you are a motivated such person or a group who are willing to volunteer with the right spirit, correct attitude and the essential sense of humour then this spiritual farm will be suiting to gain experiences for you. May be you could add some of your own tried and tested remedies – to fill in the blanks. If you are new to farming or above work and to our community we feel that some purpose may be served. One learns about us only by actually participating in farm activities – the farming and other works in particular. For many people it takes a long time to understand our goal and appreciate our approach depending on their nature and behaviour. SO LET’S SEE HOW YOU FARE.

About the meeting point If you wish to be met at the airport please let us know. We can also arrange a vehicle to transport you from the airport to Matale – our farm which will cost you 80 Euro. For this matter please keep us informed of your flight details and time of arrival. Then we can coordinate you easily. If you are more than one volunteer /a group you can share the traveling expenses with them. If there are more than 8 people in the group we will arrange two vehicles or another bus which will cost about 160 Euro. If not after you reach Bandaranayke International Airport in Colombo, it is about 30 km’s outside the city of Colombo. Once you come out to the arrivals hall, please make a phone call to us. It will cost you about Rs.10, 20 Srilankan rupees. If you arrive at the airport in the evening or at midnight we will ask you to stay inside the airport and travel next day morning. If we need to pick up the volunteer from the Airport to our Project They should pay Extra 80€ for the Transport.

Extra info about the project2 weeks : 185€ +6 € (for food & accommodation ) per day = 269€ 1month : 185€ + 6€ per day = 365€ 2months :185€ + 6€ per day =545 € 3month :185€ + 7.5€ per day = 860€

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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