Projet de volontariat à l'étranger -Taïwan-FRIENDSHIP AMBASSADOR FOR XILUO HERITAGE STREET-Projet culturel


Date: Project Permanent
Code de projet: TW-VYA-VYA-MTV1902
Type de projet: Projet culturel
Descriptions :

About the local hosting organizationXiluo LMTV workcamp is going to assist Xiluo Cultural Museum(Louyoung foundation) £¨work A-LF£©and Be a Manager in Grocery store(work B-GS). Volunteer will maintain the daily house clean (or Grocery store), the reception, update internet blog or FB. Volunteer has to maintain the backpacker house and Grocery store to offer the locals and visitor a comfortable living condition. Volunteer will also do some gardening and join community environmental events etc¡­.Local volunteer will support international volunteer to run this project as well. For more information of Louyoung Cultural & Educational Foundation and find the Xiluo workcamp information, please browse: £» £»

About the volunteer workExplain for work: Work A: This is an international backpacker house and welcome people from all around the world. Therefore, volunteer has to be a kindly host and will be in charge of daily maintenance and management. Volunteers will be in charge of the daily house cleaning after the visitor check out (wash pillow cover, bed cover, clear the rooms) and they will be host when there¡¯s visitor. The volunteer will have to work also in the Louyoung foundation helping the maintain the garden and will be his/her duty to work in the reception. Work B: Volunteer that will run communities old shop, will be in charge of the daily maintenance and management for the shop. He/she will do also some daily clean work for the store. The shop is ran by the local volunteer team and they need international volunteer to support the daily operation. The shop sells some antiques, some souvenirs and some goods crafted here in Xiluo. *If Volunteer interested in doing some art works,he or she can tell us.we will support budget to buy their material.And Volunteer will have English teaching in the school. Regular meeting£ºWith hosting (Louyoung foundation) staff and local volunteer leader .Discussion some of the working detail ¡£ Free Day: Volunteers will have 2 free days per week on Monday and Tuesday only. Weekend is always the bid day to run the backpacker house and Grocery store. It is not allowed to take holiday in weekend. Culture Exchange: The locals would be more than happy to welcome you in Xiluo. Please use this opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn more about other social, cultural and political living conditions and to show them, in return yours. In order to promote that, we will have some special cultural event at September¡¢ October and some Celebrates from the temple. The volunteers will be able to present their countries and have fun together with the locals. Working Schedule: Tentative weekly schedule and program activities (Some may be changed!) We separate the work A and work B in the different way, 30-32 working hrs per week, 2 days free per week at least. In stead of free day in weekend, volunteer can only have free days on Monday and Tuesday. And volunteers will switch their duty and exchange work in the period if needed. VYA-Xiluo-MTV19-01, Xiluo Township, Yun-Lin County, To start in MARCH+ 2VOL VYA-Xiluo-MTV19-02, Xiluo Township, Yun-Lin County, To start in JUN+ 2VOL VYA-Xiluo-MTV19-03, Xiluo Township, Yun-Lin County, To start in Sep+ 2VOL VYA-Xiluo-MTV19-04, Xiluo Township, Yun-Lin County, To start in Dec+ 2VOL VYA-Xiluo-MTV20-01, Xiluo Township, Yun-Lin County, To start in March+ 2VOL

Local accommodationAccommodation will in 72 ART . The address is: 2F, No.72 Yenping road (community library), located in town center. Volunteer can use bike for daily transportation and the bus station, post office or 24h shop are just nearby. A comfortable blanket will to offer. So there is no need to bring sleeping bag. And there will be some packet money around NT$ 5000 to support daily food, but volunteer has to cook by themselves, or enjoy the delicious local foods in local restaurants. * Internet is always available both in working place and accommodation. * There is a washing machine in accommodation. * The weather is always changed in the season, temperature could be from 10�æ- 30�æ please bring the suitable clothes. And please bring the umbrella or raining cost with you.

About the project locationA traditional Taiwan typical town in Yun-Lin County, locating on the middle-western of Taiwan. 1hr to Taichung city and 2hrs to Tainan city by public bus. Google Map£ºNO.92, Yen-Pin RD., Xiluo Town, 648Yun Lin County Leisure Activities: Excursion, exchange parties with local people, eco-tourism (optional), etc. 1hr to Taichung city and 2hrs to Tainan city by public bus.

Extra info about the projectBe a Manager in the Shop & Maintain the Xiluo backpacker¡¯s House High motivation for learning and respect to local culture. CGC (Certificate for Good Conduct)+ Application form + 2 references from school or company+ basic Chinese is welcome + Skype interview are request. Please offer all documents when apply.

(Note: Vous êtes logé(e) par notre partenaire local pendant le projet. Au cas où vous arrivez avant le debut du projet, vous pourrez réserver une chambre ici.)

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